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A business consists of multiple moving parts all working toward the same goal. All of your employees will be knowledgeable about their job roles, making it easier for them to provide the best outcome possible. However, there is a way to provide them with some additional help, and that is by installing the correct equipment.

Most of the everyday materials that you need to run a business are obvious and will be the first things that you purchase. Unfortunately, there is some equipment that you will find that you cannot live without. This article will take a quick look at some of the more obscure equipment and explain why you need it in your business.

USB Port Hubs

Modern technology has moved in a direction where USB ports are needed at all times. You will find that every computer hard drive comes with at least one or two of these handy input slots. Unfortunately, these are often taken up by important USB drives that are required for work.

USB ports are needed for staff members to charge their phones throughout the day. While this is not a huge issue when it comes to maintaining productivity, providing your employees with a necessity such as this can improve workplace morale. An additional USB port hub is not expensive, and just one of these can make a massive difference to your staff.

Room Dividers

Room Dividers

Employees in a big workspace, such as an office, are required to communicate between themselves to complete their work. This is why many offices are set up in an open-plan fashion. However, there are going to be times when a bit of privacy would be equally productive. An important call with a client or a skype call with management could go a lot smoother without the feeling of being watched.

It may be an additional expense, but a series of room dividers can provide your staff with the best of both worlds. You do not need to waste any money on constructing more walls, and your staff gets the privacy they need before re-joining the rest of their team.

Additional Furniture

Every office worker will need a comfy chair to work at their desk. However, you may find that this luxury is often forgotten once an employee spends an entire day at their desk. The office chair becomes just another part of the job, which means it does not matter how comfy it is.

Your staff will need a chance to relax and get some time away from the computer monitor. That is why it is important to provide some additional office furniture to fit these needs. A single sofa with an armchair gives your employees a comfy place to take a break, refreshing them for another round at their desk. It doesn’t take a lot to motivate your staff, and seeing that their needs have been met is a good way to increase their productivity.

Kitchen Equipment

On the topic of increasing your staff’s motivation, a few extra kitchen amenities can also go a long way to achieving this goal. Lunch is sometimes an awkward time. Most people will choose to bring lunch from home but without the proper equipment, they can be forced into bringing the same options day after day. What’s more, eating at a local café or fast food place is not good for their health, especially if they are sitting at a desk for the rest of the afternoon.

You can solve this problem by making sure there is plenty of varied kitchen equipment in the break room. All you really need is a fridge, toaster, and microwave, and your employee’s lunch options skyrocket. Also, a coffee maker does wonders for those that struggle with early starts.

Kitchen Equipment

Additional Warehouse Equipment

Your business will need to hire more than just office staff. A warehouse is important for storing and distributing goods to your clients. This is a huge operation that requires the work of lorry drivers, forklift operators, and reception staff. They all need to work effectively in a high pressured environment as one cohesive team. Your warehouse staff will be able to succeed with effective communication; however, a few extra tools from The Workplace Depot.

You will have included tools such as forklifts and walkie-talkies so that your warehouse staff can get the job done, but there is more you can include if you want things to go smoother. A site like The Workplace Depot can provide you with stepladders, pallet trucks, shelving units, and rack protectors to make the warehouse process just that little bit easier.


There is a common fallacy among the current population that states that calculators are now obsolete. This technology is built directly into our smartphones; therefore, we no longer need an individual device to do sums for us. While there is some truth to this sentiment, there is nothing wrong with having a few calculators lying around the office.

To improve your cybersecurity, you may need to enforce a policy that prevents employees from using their smartphones in the office. A calculator would be very effective in this situation. What’s more, it doesn’t hurt to double-check your phone’s calculations on another device to gain a more accurate figure. Therefore, you will always find a use for several calculators, so try not to do the popular thing and forget them.


A lot of office paperwork is now completed online. This means that there is less clutter in the office, and the environment is better off for it. However, the more society learns about technology, the more emphasis people place on keeping back-ups of important documents. Therefore, many of your business’s details still need to be printed off for safekeeping. Once these forms are no longer needed, it is safe to dispose of them. Unfortunately, older versions of fraud still exist.

This means that you should keep an office shredder in your office to properly dispose of sensitive information.

Equipment Insurance

You may think to yourself that all of this additional equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain. However, you will find it a lot more expensive to replace all of these objects in the event of a disaster.

Providing your employees with ample materials to do their job is worth these extra funds, so make sure that you are protecting your assets with business insurance. These monthly payments ensure that you are protected if something goes wrong and that you can get back up and running again quickly. There should be a section under your current business insurance plan that covers things like office equipment. If there isn’t, then it may be time to update your policy.


The price of productivity has no limits, which is why should think again before you neglect some of the equipment listed above. It does not take a lot to provide a great work environment and this can make a huge difference to how your office runs. A few quality of life improvements here, and some extra tools there can distinguish your business from the competition. So make sure you have thought of everything before you open the doors to give your business the best chance of reaching its full potential.

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