Top 5 Emerging Startups in London

startups in london

London is the best place for the startups, London remains to be the third largest tech hub in the world & leading startup hub in Europe as per the EU Startups. Here let’s have a look into the emerging startups in London.

Top 5 Hot Startups in London

clear bank ukClearBank:

ClearBank has been started back in the year 2014, ClearBank remains to be the UK’s 5th clearing bank. ClearBank is the first new one after 250 years in the UK. The main objective of the ClearBank is to provide greater transparency & cutting edge technology in the banking sector. Also, the main thing to take into account is that, ClearBank operates standalone & doesn’t have any operational tie-up with any other banks. ClearBank offers Agency banking services, Transaction banking, Electronic payment scheme access, Card issuing platform, Liquidity management, Cognitive services & identity, etc.


Talentful was started in the year 2015 & it helps companies to identify the real potential of the humans for desired job designations. Talentful helps the companies in the UK to scale up by hiring the right people & expanding their team. Though it has started more recently, it has a more premium client base including Amazon audible, etc. Majority of the growing companies success depends upon hiring the right people, Talentful takes care of that and helps the organizations to unleash the real potential of the humans.

skinny dip londonSkinny DIP London:

Skinny DIP London was founded in the year 2011. Skinny DIP London has it’s brand store located in London & also has the online store to make the purchase easier for its customers. Skinny DIP London has its own in-house design team promoting new styles frequently. This makes the customers to get quick access to the latest trends. Skinny DIP London is more popular in social media. Skinny DIP London provides products like bags, clothing, beauty products & all sorts of fashion accessories.

techsixtyfourTechsixtyfour Ltd:

Majority of the parents in the UK fear about giving their children access to the smartphones. The reason behind is due to all the distractions and the dangers caused by the Internet. Parents feel that their kids may get distracted due to irrelevant contents in the Internet media. Techsixtyfour so designed a wearable phone, similar like watch to keep the children connected with their parents, This is specially designed for five to twelve-year-old kids who are too young to access the Internet world. This wearable device is available online in Amazon, John Lewis Online, etc. This is the most trending product online in the most recent times in London.


Security is the must in this modern world. Cocoon was founded in the year 2014, who realized that the home security will be the most wanted service in the future. Cocoon designed the worlds best home security network without any sensors or the wired setup. Cocoon uses a new technology called Subsound & it can monitor your entire home by just connecting a single device to your smartphone. Consumers started showing more interest in the home security products & Cocoon has crossed its crowdfunding target by 200% recently.