0880 Numbers: How to get & are they Free?

are 0800 numbers are free

How do you get an 0800 number and what are the benefits?

An 0800 number is a totally free phone line. Customers can call as often as they like without any call costs. Studies show that businesses who have switched to offering 0800 numbers receive an increase in up to 175% more calls. A free phone 0800 number can provide a commercial advantage over your competitors, boosting potential inbound calls. A free business line provides a stamp of quality customer service, even before the potential customer has picked up the phone. 

But just how easy is it to set up an 0800 number for your business?

You can simply establish an 0800 number from your network provider. Just be careful here on who you select, to avoid unforeseen additional fees. Choose a trusted, established, recognised VoIP provider. Zadarma for instance would be an excellent choice. Zadarma offers a quality VoIP service at one of the most affordable rates in the industry. You can opt for a virtual assistant service and other additional services within your business phone plan.  

In Zadarma’s case, along with free 0800 numbers, they can provide access to their ever-popular free Cloud PBX, which includes additional features such as call recording, call automation and phone answering services, CRM, video conferencing, call queuing and call recording features, for example. The ease of connection and additional services Zadarma can offer will assist in the smooth and efficient running of your customer service process, and overall business operations. In turn, this will create a knock-on effect of increasing inbound call potential. All Zadarma’s subscribers are offered the opportunity to include an 0800 number as part of their package without or at minimal charge subject to the dedicated market you sit in. 

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What are the benefits of a free phone 0800 numbers?

Geographical location free

An 0800 number isn’t restricted to geographical locations like local area codes are, and can remain the same even if you relocate your office. 

Attracts customers to call

0800 numbers are recognised, as being free to phone. This attracts and encourages customers to use these lines more freely than a standard phone number. 

Improve company image & reach

By promoting your free 0800 number it enforces a positive perception of your business. Customers or prospects will value this, marking your business as committed to offering quality customer service. This shows you value your customers from the off. By having an 0800 business number, you will improve your national reach & it can improve your company reputation. 


Calls to 0800 numbers are free of charge for callers from the United Kingdom. A business owner of an 0800 free number is charged for the incoming calls only. The cost of the incoming call depends on the region. It is highly affordable compared to a standard phone line with variable rates. 

Memorable marketing

An 0800 number is far easier to remember than a longer variable digit number. Having one centralised memorable number stamped across your marketing & sales outreach will empower your marketing, ensuring it is engaging and memorable to your prospects.  

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Accessible & convenient

An 0800 is easy to set up. They are convenient & accessible for both your business and your customers. Business owners can keep their phone billing in accurate order, centralising and organising your phone call billings through one central number. When commuting, you can set up your 0800 number to be forwarded to your existing landline number or mobile number, if you are on the move. One central number to dial through is convenient to you & your customers.

If you are looking to explore an 0800 provider, check out Zadarma. They have a simple 0800 easy setup process and can offer supporting free quality VoIP services at one of the most affordable rates in the industry. 

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