What to look for in a reputable Raspberry Pi stockist

Raspberry Pi Approved Reseller status

If you have been looking for somewhere to buy a Raspberry Pi and have noticed that this programmable microcomputer is listed as out of stock everywhere you go, rest assured that you will be far from the only person in this position.

The ongoing lack of available Pi units is basically down to the global semiconductor shortage, which was itself sparked largely by a pandemic-era increase in demand for consumer electronics. To better your chances of obtaining a Pi, look for retail outlets that have the following…

Raspberry Pi Approved Reseller status

Eben Upton – who co-founded the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the organisation ultimately responsible for supplying Pi units to retailers – has recommended making Pi purchases from Approved Resellers.

In a recent TechCrunch interview, Upton explained: “We’re not supplying non-approved resellers.” So, when you land on the website of a Raspberry Pi online store, search for a ‘Raspberry Pi Approved Seller’ badge.

Speedy shipping

Consider the example of The Pi Hut’s Maker Store, where you can see the badge just by scrolling down to the website’s footer.

Product listings for various Raspberry Pi units

Many different versions of the Pi remain ostensibly available online – and which Pi model you go for would usually depend very much on what kind of project you intend to use it for.

However, if you can afford to be at least a little flexible with your choice of Pi, you might stand a better chance of obtaining one. ZDNet has specified the main differences between the Raspberry Pi 4, the Raspberry Pi 400, the Raspberry Pi Pico, and the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W.

Speedy shipping

Of course, for as long as any particular store you would like to buy a Pi from doesn’t have one in stock, the staff there can’t do anything to ensure a Pi comes your way quickly. It is a small comfort, then, that Upon has expressed his belief in the Pi inventory issues starting to ease in 2023.

Since you could find yourself needing to wait at least a good few month yet for a Pi, you would naturally appreciate that unit reaching your hands as soon as practically possible once it has indeed become available for you.

For this reason, if you will be buying the Pi online rather than in person, it would be advisable for you to turn to an online store that always endeavours to ship products on the same day they are ordered – on the condition that the order is placed before a prespecified time that day, of course.

What to look for in a reputable Raspberry Pi stockist

Well-received customer service

How can you get an insight into what people think about a Raspberry Pi store’s customer service? Obviously, you could consult online reviews if any have been posted about that specific store. If they haven’t, this could evidence a relatively new company lacking a track record.

In contrast, The Pi Hut has attracted a high number of five-star reviews on the REVIEWS.io website. This kind of social proof is a reliable indicator of a reputable company.