6 Ways to Stay Productive When Working from Home

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The prospect of working from home appeals to a wide audience, and for many people it is a viable option. A better work-life balance is possible because of the increased flexibility, convenience, and lack of time spent commuting (which benefits both your wallet and the environment).

One of the challenges of working remotely is maintaining momentum in the workplace. Productivity can suffer when one is surrounded by potential distractions. So, how can you make the most of your time off and still get things done? Here are some suggestions.

Have Set Working Hours

If you went to the same office every day, you would have to be there at a certain time. There would be a set time for lunch. You would leave at the right time. When you work from home, you can use these times to help you stay more productive. If you have set working hours, you will not only be more productive because you will only have so much time to get everything done, but you also won’t mix your work with your home life, which is good for everyone.

Have Set Working Hours

Have Your Own Space

Another thing that can make a person who works from home less productive is not having their own office space. Having your own space to work is a great way to get things done. If you have to work in a room full of other people, in your bedroom, or at the kitchen table, you might not be as productive as you should be. You’ll be constantly distracted, and even if you get all your work done, will it be up to the right standard?

Have A Plan

Having a plan in place is crucial for maximising efficiency. Task planning for the following day should be done right before you finish work the day before. You’ll be ready to tackle whatever tasks you have the following day, and you won’t have to waste time deciding where to start your day. As the day progresses, you can focus on the less challenging jobs, but it’s best to get the tough ones out of the way first.

Have Good Communication

Remote teams face unique challenges in working together, and if not handled properly, communication may become a major roadblock for many firms. When employees are unable to talk to one another and feel disconnected from their coworkers, productivity plummets. Having the right communication tools, such as Horizon, will help hugely, and ensure much better connectivity and productivity.

Have Good Communication

Stay Off Social Media

Sites like Facebook and Instagram offer a lot of entertainment value, but they also present significant distraction potential. In many workplaces, employees are more productive when they are prohibited from using them during working hours. There are no fixed regulations in this area, so you should establish rules for your own household or speak to your boss about what they would like you to do. One thing to try is to not check social media until you’ve finished your shift or are on a break; anything that needs to be done there can wait.

Use Natural Light

Because many houses were not intended to be used as workplaces, it might be challenging to install an office there when the need arises. This can mean that you don’t get enough natural light in your home office. This is problematic because insufficient daylight has been linked to decreased efficiency. Also, it’s bad for your health because it can lead to headaches and other symptoms of discomfort. If you can’t add more natural light to your home office, consider a lamp that simulates natural light, as this can work very well.


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