Want an Efficient and Secure Business? 3 Simple Steps

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The modern business has had to evolve through necessity over the course of the last few years, changing shape through economic hardship and global pandemics. With more businesses running partially or fully remote it is important that your business processes and company data is secure. With this, you can then build a foundation that allows for efficiency and productivity on a consistent level. This is desired by all businesses, and you’ll be glad to know that it doesn’t take a lot to build that strong foundation.

Let’s look at 3 simple steps that your IT support London service can put in place to help create an efficient and secure business. With these simple steps you can build a strong foundation for your business and enhance the all-round knowledge of your staff for the greater good of the company.

  1. Permissions, passwords, and fully trained staff 

It might seem a simple premise, but so many of us choose not to do this even at home with our personal apps and logins. Making sure that you use strong passwords that are regularly changed and creating a robust permissions setting are two things you can do to immediately make for a more secure business. Ensure that your passwords are encrypted and difficult to make a guess at. Regular updates of your system passwords will help to keep you protected from potential cyber-attacks.

Permissions, passwords, and fully trained staff 

Permissions should make sense in terms of the hierarchy of your company and data importance, making certain data only accessible to those who absolutely need to see it. All this best practice will only work if your staff are fully trained and knowledgeable in IT and data security. Maintain regular training of your employees that builds a clear scope of knowledge and best practice that can be easily followed whether you are talking to an employee on their first day after induction training or a CEO of the company who has been there since day one. Regular training keeps your staff informed and self-sufficient, your business processes enhanced, smooth and efficient.

  1. Security audits and updates

Regular IT security audits completed by your IT support service is a fantastic way of keeping on top of how your business functions. Creating and maintaining clear processes that are safe and efficient will help your business remain productive and profitable. There are different things that you can test during a security audit, including the strength of passwords and permission settings and how well-trained your staff are. An extensive audit of the system though ensures that any weak points are found and improved upon, assessing the entire system and processes used throughout the company. Alongside security audits, regular updates of software are also recommended, downloading the latest versions of all software and plug-ins to keep data safe and have the latest protection against malware and spyware. The greater protection you have at this point, the better you can ward off potential attacks and the higher standards and efficiencies you’ll have in all processes that your employees use daily. 

  1. Clear data backup and disaster recovery protocol

No business should rely on good luck to remain untouched by data loss. There are many different reasons why your company might lose data, ranging from accidental human error to cyber-attacks on a large scale across entire industries. Losing employee, supplier, or customer data can be catastrophic in terms of your legal obligations to data privacy, as well as destroying how you function as a company from day-to-day.

Clear data backup and disaster recovery protocol

Data can be backed up using on-site physical storage devices complemented by cloud storage solutions. A disaster recovery process ensures that any data loss is followed by a fast and efficient period where your operation is back up and running as quickly as possible, minimising disruption, downtime, and the cost to your business.

Business as usual IT support London

Once you have covered these 3 key steps for an efficient and secure business you want business as usual IT support. This is what you can receive from your IT support contract, a well-oiled IT infrastructure that functions due to essential protocols and processes being understood by fully trained employees and data backup and disaster recovery steps that are clear, fast, and efficient.

Seeking IT support in London shouldn’t be difficult. Once you have found the IT support team to help you with your specific needs, they will always have your back. Specialists in the field of IT understand what you need for your business and sector, how to keep employee and customer data safe and secure, how to maintain consistency and efficiency across the entire company, and how to ensure your brand reputation remains trustworthy. This support is invaluable to a successful business of any kind.

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