How to Grow Your Own on Your Garden Room? – DIY Gardening Ideas

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Why Not Use Your Garden Room to Grow Your Own?

Becoming completely self-sufficient is neither practical nor plausible for most households. Even so, the desire to at least become less reliant on conventional stores and supermarkets is shared by many.

In which case, why not put your garden room to use as a practical and versatile grow space; irrespective of the size and configuration of a garden room, its potential as a grow space is huge. Interiors that bathe in an abundance of natural light, convenient access to electricity, efficient insulation, perhaps even running water – all just the things to make the most of your garden.

Of course, it is not to say that your pristine garden room needs to be turned into an overpriced greenhouse, used for nothing more than growing vegetables and covered in compost. It is just that when it comes to some of the tasks associated with growing your own, your garden room can be just the thing for making the job that much easier.

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Sowing Seeds

For example, you could reserve a quiet corner of your garden room for germinating seeds and getting your plants up and running. All you need is a sunny spot in the garden room (of which there should be plenty), a few trays and perhaps a propagator or two. You can keep an eye on your seedlings while doing other things in your garden room, and choose the right time to move them outdoors.

Growing Full Plants

You could also reserve a space in your garden room for growing certain types of vegetables from seed to harvest. If the size of your garden makes it practically impossible to grow anything outdoors, there are plenty of options for growing indoors. Examples of which include tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, thyme and kale – all of which occupy comparatively little space and are practically bulletproof. Even a single unoccupied windowsill could be just the thing to have a go at growing your own.

DIY own gardening ideas

Herb Gardens

Speaking of which, setting up a fantastically fragrant and flavourful herb garden really could not be easier. A sunny windowsill is the perfect place for a project like this, where a whole bunch of herbs can be combined into a single planter.  Along with providing you with an abundance of fresh herbs to experiment with in the kitchen, your herb garden keeps your garden room smelling fresh and fragrant throughout the year.

Patio Plants

You could always consider further enhancing the practicality of your garden room by laying a patio alongside it. This immediately opens the door to growing a world of fruits and vegetables in pots and planters. Patio plants can also create the perfect backdrop for a dreamy outdoor sanctuary – the perfect place to sit back, relax and watch nature do its thing. Hanging baskets are also an option, which can be suspended from brackets mounted to the outside of your garden room with ease.