A Review on UK Lockdown & Covid Restrictions

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When will the First Review on Lockdown Restrictions be?

The year 2020 was a terrific year for the people all over the world, due to the pandemic disease Covid-19, which initially originated in china in the month of November 2019 and had a wide spread over the world. There was a national wide Lockdown, to prevent the huge amount of spreading which has brought into a reverse effect of the global economy of GDP ratio of all countries.

UK Lockdown

Now England has entered into the third level of lockdown with many restrictions in order to replace the four-tier system, as there is a huge increase in the covid cases in a new form of virus.

Recently on January 6, the UK minister Boris Johnson has made an announcement related to Covid Lockdown rules and restrictions, which were then later on enshrined in the Law by two days.

Rules for the UK Lockdown

Rules on UK Lockdown

  • People can leave their homes only specific reasons like shopping for food and medicine.
  • Schools not opened for many people and remote learning implemented for all secondary school students.
  • All non-important businesses or small business are closed
  • People permitted to move to work if work from home not possible. For eg: Construction sector. Rest of all people should work only form home.
  • Holidays in the UK and abroad not allowed that includes staying in second home or caravan.
  • Places for worships opened for individual prayers and civil partnership ceremonies and weddings permitted in exceptional cases.
  • Buying and selling of houses permitted, provided people should not ask other people help apart from support bubble.

Apart from these there are still many other lockdown restrictions/ rules for Lockdown that to be followed by the people of the UK until March.

End of Lockdown to be expected

When will Lockdown end

When the Prime Minister addressed the gathering on 4th of January 2021, he also mentioned a tentative date for the end of lockdown could be in the mid of February based on the measures taken to be ease in recovering from the pandemic.

Also he has mentioned that in the mid of February if everything goes well then the vaccination process could be started, which is divided into the 4 top priority groups of people who are identified by the committee of vaccination and immunization.

Even though vaccination introduced, Prime Minister Johnson had mentioned in his speech that people has to be cautious and be follow the rules and restrictions as declared to recover soon. So that the schools and other necessary amenities can be opened after February half term.

In addition to this Michael Gove the British politician and former journalist has mentioned in his note that, the new Lockdown restrictions will retain until March and the UK government will make sure that many people be vaccinated which results in progressive lift in the restrictions at the earliest.

Stay Home-UK people

Johnson said that after March some these restrictions would be lifted and not all. The Lockdown would be gradual unwrapping process that allows a steady and controlled move.

The Foreign Secretary has mentioned that the UK would certainly enter into the tier system than being in full lifting of covid Restrictions. When he spoke to the BBC news, he had said that it would not be a big bang and possibly a tired approach, which already followed.

Review on First Lockdown

During the speech given by the Prime Minister on 6th January he mentioned that the lockdown rules would be reviewed 2 weeks once regularly by following the protocol for four tier system which would be reviewed on every Wednesday.

As the Lockdown rules are enshrined in the law, most probably the first review on the lockdown rules would be on 20th of January and followed by 3rd February. The lockdown restrictions be continuously reviewed with a statutory requirement every 2 weeks and legal obligation to remove or lessen the restrictions when there is no deemed necessary to limit the restrictions of the virus.

Protect NHS-UK

Michael Gove has also said that these restrictions reviewed continuously but with the uncertainty of whether to lift up the restrictions in the week commencing on 15 -22 February.

Few of the MP’s in the UK has mentioned that the covid restrictions not be eased for several months. However, the lockdown restrictions would prolong for three months up to March and later on, the UK government would certainly lift up the restrictions.

Finally, to conclude with all, announcement reveals that these new restrictions will prolong until March 31st. and mainly depends upon how well UK recovers quickly and roll out of Covid-19 Vaccination.


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