6 top tips for ensuring your business proposal looks and sounds professional

Bind your document properly

A business proposal should achieve one thing above all else: the interest of potential clients who would invest in your products or services. Prospective investors are looking for an attractive business proposal that would lead to a fruitful business contract, and if your proposal document is rushed or poorly outlined, you may lose this profitable opportunity. With this in mind, we have compiled 6 top tips for ensuring your business proposal looks and sounds professional – following our format, you’ll never miss out on a business partnership again.

  1. Bind your document properly

Before writing even begins, you want to have a clear idea of the way your document will be presented. A document that isn’t bound together can appear thoughtless and unprofessional. Binding machines by Duplo can ensure your business proposal is threaded together seamlessly, therefore more likely to be considered by potential investors!

Avoid academic wordiness

  1. Make your proposal relevant

When writing your proposal, make sure it’s relevant to your intended audience. Professional-grade writing targets your prospective business partner directly, with a demonstrated understanding of their needs, wants and expectations. Display how you can meet these needs, as the missing puzzle piece they sorely require.

  1. Avoid academic wordiness

Sounding ‘fancy’ doesn’t always equate to sounding professional! Long, academic words can seem out of place and actually discourage a potential investor from reading your proposal at all. You don’t want to come across as hard to understand, so when appropriate, use ‘everyday’ words and vocabulary instead.

  1. Be positive

When someone combs through your business proposal, what will immediately become apparent is whether your language is positive or negative. Positive words carry much more weight with a potential investor, who is looking to read about the good parts of your business! Instead of referring to something as ‘not impossible,’ make it ‘possible.’ Essentially, write about the benefits you bring to the table as a company, not the drawbacks.

  1. Provide several written copies of your proposal

Once you’ve bound your proposal document with a professional binding machine, make sure you repeat this process a few times! Providing several written copies of your proposal to one or more investors suggests you’re prepared, reliable and focused on putting your best foot forward when presenting your company to others.

Summarise your business proposal in a strong presentation

  1. Summarise your business proposal in a strong presentation

A big part of inviting others to read your business proposal in full, is demonstrating how good it is through a strong presentation. A business proposal presentation should go hand-in-hand with your actual document, easily summarised in engaging and interactive slides. A well-delivered presentation heightens the value and professionalism of the written document itself! In essence, you’re putting a human face and effort behind the writing you’ve just delivered. Prospective clients and investors love this, and are more likely to choose whatever solution to their problems you’re offering.

At Duplo International, we know how to make business documents appear the best they can be. We prioritise automation and flexibility in our products, like our binding machine, so that our clients can reap the rewards of high standard document production and finish.