What’s The Difference Between Plumbing & Drainage?

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Having leaking water in your house is never a good sign. Through this article, we will help you know the difference between plumbing & drainage, so you can find the right tradesperson for your job and find them fast. If you were to book a plumber in Essex for a job that required a drainage engineer, then you could waste their time and cost you a call-out fee.

At Its Simplest

  • Plumbing is about carrying water into and around a building and relies on mains pressure
  • Drainage is carrying water away from a building and relies on gravity.

Let’s Look At These Two Trades In More Detail



Our homes have plumbing systems which have a network of pipes and fixtures. They have become a necessity of our modern lives, as it helps with washing, heating, showering, and cooking.

Typical Plumbing Jobs Include

  • A leaking tap: Not only can leaking taps be a nuisance, but they will also cost you money through wasted water.
  • Low water pressure: This can be a result of hidden leaks, and could cause your appliances such as a washing machine not to work efficiently.
  • Heating issues: Plumbing isn’t just about taps and toilets. Plumbing is needed to make sure central heating systems work correctly.
  • Toilet flush: Plumbers can fix toilets that don’t flush properly.

It is almost inevitable that one of these issues will happen to your home during your lifetime, and getting the right plumber is very important. You can search online for a specialised plumber in your area, such as searching for plumbers in Maldon.



Drainage systems are designed to take the wastewater away from our homes as quickly and clearly as possible. It involves not only pipes inside your house but is likely to involve pipes outside your house as well. For example, gutters are part of a drainage system and carry rainwater away from roofs and into drains or a soak away.

Typical Drainage Jobs Include

  • Blocked drains: Over time our drains can get blocked by several different things. Common blockages include fat and grease from cooking, foreign objects, leaves and debris and particles from washing our clothes. If untreated wastewater can back up through your drains, causing a stink.
  • Poorly laid drainage: Drainage issues can mean that water isn’t getting away from your house quickly or safely enough. It could mean that water is stuck in your pipes, which can lead to cracked pipes in cold weather. If your water drains into the wrong place, it could cause flooding issues for you or your neighbour.
  • Blocked gutters: Overtime gutters can become blocked by leaves and other debris such as nests from birds. Blocked gutters can lead to damp issues, so it is very important to get them fixed. By getting the expert from blocked drain in medway

I Have A Drainage Issue Can I Employ A Plumber?

I Have A Drainage Issue Can I Employ A Plumber

Some plumbers can do drainage and plumbing jobs, but for some drainage issues, you need to employ specialist drainage engineers. This is because specialist equipment is often needed to work out the cause of drainage problems, especially if the problem is underground.

By using the above information, you can make sure that you are getting the right tradesperson for your job.

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