Tech solutions that can help your small business thrive

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You have a lot on your plate when you’re a small business owner. In a small business, you won’t be able to delegate as many tasks as large corporate entrepreneurs do, so you’ll have to manage more of them yourself. However, this also comes with the added advantage that you can oversee every aspect and ensure things are working just as you envisioned. But just because you have to do many things yourself doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get any help. And there’s nothing that can assist you more efficiently than technology. Innovations appear constantly, and many of them have the potential to be very beneficial for the running of your business. 

Inventory apps

If you feel like you’re getting behind on your stock inventory tasks, you can use software to help make your work easier. These apps guarantee you can access your information anytime you need. Living in a fast-paced world means you have to be on top of your workload at all times, and if you are constantly wasting time rifling through mountains of papers to find the documents you need, you’ll lose precious time that could be allotted to actual work. Since you can install them on numerous devices, including your phone or tablet, you won’t be dependent on being stuck to your PC when working. Inventory applications allow you to monitor sales and purchases, streamline data entry and keep track of invoices. However, before deciding which one fits your business processes best, take your time to analyse as many as possible, and maybe even consider taking a few of them through a trial period. After all, since you only want the best for your company, you shouldn’t rush into decisions. 

Hyperconverged structures

HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) solutions offer services that combine data centres with storage devices. By using intelligent software, they create building blocks consisting of storage networks, arrays and individual servers. According to Nutanix, your business will benefit from continuity through AI automation and one-click operations, which will help make business processes more fluid and leave you plenty of time to give to other responsibilities. When making use of the multi-cloud environment, you also ensure easier application management, as well as improve data security. 

Tech solutions that can help your small business thrive

When you choose hyperconverged infrastructure for your business, you choose the path to success. Built-in networking helps reduce your data centre footprint while improving efficiency and performance. Administration becomes much easier, as well as easier by significantly reducing complexity and creating rapports between multiple vendors. HCI helps upgrade your existing infrastructure platforms, streamline databases, increase availability, and extend to the edge to expand operations. You also gain an advantage in finances, as the operational costs are reduced by up to 62% while earning 477% in return on investment rates. You can learn more about data centres with Macquarie Data Centres

Remote work software

In recent years, many businesses have incorporated remote work practices for their employees, with many basing most or even all of their operations remotely. And while that can have many advantages, including cost reduction and increased productivity, it’s also essential to keep in mind that employees will often require a helping hand when making this adjustment. And the best help can come in the form of software. You can start using programs that help with fluidising workflow in your company. Apps can also be used to help employees track their own progress and maximise productivity levels.

Similarly, digital tools have appeared that can facilitate communication between employees. Coming in the form of chat or social collaboration apps, you’ll be able to talk to everyone in real-time. While emails may remain a favoured method, it’s worth remembering that it can often take a while to see them, so the response rates would be much slower. 

If you want to hold meetings, it is much easier to do so with the help of video conferencing apps, whiteboarding and virtual presentations. You may even find that they’re easier compared to physical meetings. File Sharing is also faster and more efficient, but you need to ensure that you choose software offering maximum levels of security so your data will be kept safe. 

E-Signature apps 

When owning a business, you know how important time is and why you simply can’t afford to waste it. That’s why you know you don’t want to lose time on tasks that can be handled quickly and efficiently. Signatures are such a task. All documents leaving your business will require your signature in order to prove their validity, so you’ll have a hefty number of contracts and assignments on your hands daily. However, you probably won’t be at the office at all times to do it. When you opt for an e-signature app, you ensure that you can add your underwrite no matter where you are. Whether home or on the go, vital documents won’t have to wait on your desk anymore, and so your business will run smoother. 

You can add their mail addresses in the app if more signatures are needed. They’ll receive the document in their inboxes immediately and will be able to sign and return it to you. Many apps also come with frequent reminders, lest you forget about some of the forms. And because no physical paper is used, they’re more sustainable than the traditional option. 

Website monitoring

Website monitoring

Your business webpage is the virtual business card of your company. That’s why it needs to be as close to excellence as possible. In order to do that, you must closely monitor your traffic rates. They can offer you a clear indication of whether you’re employing your market strategies accurately or not. And in case you notice that you’ve been falling behind, you need to optimise your website with the required adjustments and improvements to drive more traffic and boost sales. 

It can be challenging being a small business entrepreneur. You can often find yourself working long hours or being swamped by all the tasks and responsibilities you must see. However, when you use the right tech tools, you’ll notice a marked improvement, and everything will become much more manageable.

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