Taking Drainage To The Next Level With Technology

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Drains and sewers have been part of daily life for many years. In fact, it is believed the Romans brought drainage systems to the UK around 2000 years ago! Yet we take drainage and sewerage for granted as these systems are largely out of view. Some drains have been in place for many decades – or indeed more than a hundred years – and pipes and fittings such as this will need checking for damage and perhaps replacing.

The Romans may have been technically advanced for their era, but in 2022 we have access to technology that allows us to keep a close eye on what is going on in the drainage system.

We want to talk about how drain inspections are now far more detailed and successful than ever before, and the technology that allows this to be. First, let’s talk a little about why people ask for drain inspections to be carried out, and then we’ll look at what the process involves.

Who Books A Drain Inspection?

Books A Drain Inspection

There are a number of reasons why someone may book a drain inspection and survey. For example, it is easy to see if a drain is blocked as it will overflow. This can be because of debris following a storm, or perhaps damage to the drain system itself. An inspection using the latest CCTV drain inspection equipment will soon reveal the cause.

Property owners or managers book drain inspections occasionally to keep up with how their drainage systems are operating and check for necessary maintenance. Older drains can deteriorate rapidly and cause blockages, which can lead to leaks and floods – and further expensive damage.

A person buying a property may order a drain inspection to check that the drains are in good order before agreeing to the purchase. This makes sense as drain repairs – or even replacement – can be an expensive necessity.

If you are concerned about the state of your home drain – or commercial property drain – systems get in touch with a local drain service provider, and they will arrange to visit and carry out a professional drain inspection. There will be a fee for the service, but you will find it to be worthwhile as it will either uncover problems that can be attended to or assure you that your drains are in good condition.

So, what can you expect when a drain inspection is carried out? Next, we will explain what happens during the procedure.

How Does A Drain Inspection Work?

A Drain Inspection Work

A drain inspection and survey involves the use of a camera probe – a flexible device that can pass around corners within the drain – which transmits live pictures of the inside of the drain via CCTV to a monitor. This allows the fully trained inspection technician to get an accurate image of what is going on inside the drain. However, there is more to it than that, as it is vital the user knows exactly where they are in the drain at every point.

For example, while the camera and probe return clear pictures, they also display the depth of the probe at any moment so that the operator knows how far in they have gone. This information allows the operator to produce a report of the state of the drains. The report will include details of any damage or blockage, the pipe material the drains are made of, the direction of flow, pipe diameter, and the overall condition. This detailed report will be provided to the customer and explained in simple terms.

In short, the operator – a fully trained and experience professional – will inform the customer of any essential work that needs to be done, and any other work that may prevent problems in the future. Many drain inspection companies local to Kent and Surrey also offer commercial drain inspection and mapping services, a more complex service used on building sites, office buildings, and industrial estates.

For domestic drain inspection your local drain inspection service provider will provide a free quote for the service, and for peace of mind or if you suspect you have a blockage or damaged drains this is a recommended service.

Make Sure Your Drains Are In Good Condition

Make Sure Your Drains Are In Good Condition

Drains do not last forever – pipes deteriorate, and debris can build up inside – but if you have a problem, it may be that your drains simply need unblocking. Your drain inspection company will be able to help you discover exactly what is wrong and advise as to the best way to rectify the problem.

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