Prioritising employee wellbeing makes your company stronger

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Employee wellbeing a priority– Makes your company stronger

Employee wellbeing is more than just a buzzword – nowadays, workers increasingly prioritise their mental health over their job. And who can blame them? After all, you spend most of your life at the workplace, so normally, you want to work for a company that puts your health and happiness at the forefront. And yet, reports show that many employees have dealt with a lot of stress over the last two years due to their job.

employee wellbeingUnfortunately, this doesn’t only affect workers – although they may not realise companies only hurt themselves if they don’t work in the best interest of their team members. Why is that so? Well, employee wellbeing and business productivity go hand in hand, so your company can only become strong if you take care of your biggest asset, namely your employees. Remember, your organisation isn’t about your products or intellectual property – above all, it’s about the people in your team.

Why should you make employee wellbeing a priority in your business?

Many companies believe that innovation, marketing strategies and financial management are key ingredients to succeed, but there’s a less obvious aspect which matters a lot more, and that is employee wellbeing. Happy employees are more productive, leading to a boost in sales and better business performance. Here is why prioritising employee wellbeing is good for your business:

  • It improves employee morale;
  • It results in low employee turnover;
  • It ensures higher performance levels;
  • It attracts top talent.

Creating a positive workplace culture where employees feel valued will ultimately improve your company’s bottom line. On the contrary, if you fail to acknowledge the importance of employee wellbeing, you will likely deal with a loss of productivity and unsatisfied employees. But there are worse scenarios where companies face financial losses because they breach their duty of care, and consequently, employees make a claim for an accident at work. There isn’t likely any business that wants to experience such a thing, and the only way to avoid it is to take care of your employees’ physical and mental health.

How can you improve employee wellbeing?

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of prioritising employee wellbeing, it’s time to see what steps you can take to create a thriving work environment. Here are 4 powerful ways you can improve employees’ wellbeing and motivation.

employee prioritising

Give praise

Recognising employees for their achievements is perhaps the easiest wellbeing initiative to implement in your business. Building a praise culture in your company can go a long way, making employees feel happier and more emotionally connected to their job. Believe it or not, millennial workers crave recognition more than a raise. You can praise team members by implementing a formal program or simply writing a thank you note.

But there are plenty of other creative ideas, such as providing gift cards, offering professional development opportunities, hosting an Employee Appreciation Day, or even creating a wall of fame for your workers – it can be anything you think will make your employees feel appreciated.

Encourage open communication

Ineffective communication can be your worst enemy when creating a culture that focuses on employee wellbeing. On the other hand, clear communication ensures that your team members are motivated and feel seen and heard. Additionally, it engages them more, boosts productivity, fosters innovation and creativity, and much more! So, don’t hesitate to ask employees questions about whether they are comfortable in the working environment or if their workload is manageable. Also, encourage them to openly talk about their concerns – this shows that you want to support them and genuinely care about their wellness.

Encourage open communication

Work flexibility can be a great perk for employees, as it allows them to balance their professional and personal lives. This is a wonderful gift you can offer them and will make a big difference. So, consider including flexible work hours, and encourage regular employee breaks. Acknowledging employees’ needs will considerably improve their wellbeing – and as a result, they will also care for your business, leading to a better outcome.

Promote self-care

Hustle culture has glamorised overworking, leading many to believe that exhausting oneself is the way to achieve success. But that couldn’t be further from the truth – instead of achieving success, employees who have too much on their plate end up feeling burned out, making them more susceptible to mistakes and even getting injured. In general, workers have no problem taking on extra tasks, but when it comes to prioritising their health, well, that’s something they find a lot harder.

However, a lack of work-life balance is ultimately detrimental to an employee’s mental health, so as an employer, you should promote self-care. Provide them with mental health resources, create a wellness event program, and encourage team members to tell you if they feel overworked.

Create a culture of personal growth

It can be hard for employees to focus at work if they don’t have a sense of direction. One way to boost their performance is by focusing on their personal growth, too. It’s important to remember that your employees have goals and dreams outside their profession, and treat them accordingly. Chances are, they will be more productive once they better understand their strengths and needs.

If your employees are fulfilled personally, they will also do better professionally. So, consider offering them tools for personal development, such as employee wellness programs, as they are a great way to encourage physical and mental health among workers. There are unlimited ways when it comes to how far you can go in promoting wellness among your team. For instance, you can offer paid gym memberships, healthy lunches, and even group yoga classes.

Taking care of your employees to achieve business success

No matter how outstanding your services and products are, they won’t take you far if you don’t prioritise your employees’ happiness and health. The most successful companies are those that create a positive work culture where employees feel appreciated. Investing in your employees’ wellbeing ensures they will stay at your company for the long run because they are engaged in their work and feel motivated to help you reach your goals. Plus, it will help you stand out as a company that doesn’t only care about generating profit. Job seekers typically look for companies that can offer them work-life balance, so if you take care of your existing employees, you will position yourself as a desirable company, ultimately attracting top talent and boosting your reputation.