Top 11 Personal Loan Finance Companies in UK

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Choices make life easier and when it comes to financial decisions, more choices bring more freedom. Pick whatever you like, whatever you find affordable and of course, whatever serves your needs BEST. Loans, no doubt are quite frequent visitors in life and you want them for varied needs. Among them, personal loans are more frequent in demand due to the appearance of small needs at regular intervals. To apply for these loans, you search for choices in haste that may make you take a regretful decision in the form of a wrong deal.

Don’t you think, it is best to know beforehand a list of promising choices? In the hurry to borrow funds, it can save your time and can also provide the luxury to choose from the multiple options.

  1. Avant Credit
  2. Santander
  3. AOneFinance
  4. Hitachi Personal Finance
  5. Besavvi
  6. Creditspring
  7. Citrus Loans
  8. British Lenders
  9. Lendable
  10. AspireMoney
  11. The Easy Loans

Here are the top 11 personal loan finance companies


  1. Avant Credit – A known name in the loan market that has lent over £250 million to thousands of customers. Avant Credit offers flexible personal loans with borrower-friendly approach. It has a simple online application procedure that suits to the busy schedules of the applicants. Handy procedures that are mobile-friendly and by the time you reach to your workplace or complete a task of the day, the loan process is over. In a short while, the money too comes in the bank account through online transaction to ensure your ease.


  1. Santander – Known for its competitive APR, this loan finance company attracts many borrowers due to its timely services. Its culture to keep offering something new to the existing as well as new customers, keeps it in the notice of the fund seekers. The personal loan deals are backed with plausible repayment plans that ensure the small and affordable installments. Apply online and get instant approval decision without any delay in fund disbursement. If you are looking for a right deal with cheaper rates, then this company can become a reliable finance


  1. AOneFinance – This is one of the best players of the online loan market that enjoys the unshakable trust of the borrowers. You can always have a great experience here. The best part about this company is that you can get the funds despite bad credit without any collateral and guarantor obligation. If you want, you can pay off the loan early without any prepayment penalty. Minimum loan amount limit is £500 and maximum depends on your affordability. This even have arrangement for very bad credit people in the form of very bad credit loans with no guarantor. 


  1. Hitachi Personal Finance – Name is sufficient to prove the reliability factor. An old player in the market with many features on personal loans. Borrow from minimum £1000 to maximum £25000. Representative APR is 3.2% between £7500 and £25000. Easy online application process, fixed monthly installments, no hidden fee, no arrangement fee are some of its vital features. The approval decision comes fast and on the next working day, you get funds.


    1. Besavvi – Again a name that can become the part of your preference for the urgent expected personal needs. £1,000 to £35,000 is the minimum and maximum limit. No need to answer a long list of questions, mention just one reason. The three basic details that you need to fill are – 1)loan amount 2) loan purpose 3) loan term. The prime benefits that SimpleMoney provides are – personalised pricing, no demand of any obligation, loan process is fast, option to pay off the loan early is available.


  1. Credispring – Creditspring offers no-interest loans that are available on-demand. Unlike traditional providers, it offers various membership tiers, allowing you the opportunity to secure funds for unexpected opportunities (or expenses) and to improve your credit history and score (all other factors being equal).You never pay back more than what you borrowed. However, in order to access the loan you pay a small membership fee. There are four tiers – the lowest being £7 a month with its Step membership, followed by Core at £10 a month, Plus membership is £14 per month and Extra costs £24 a month.For that you can access two no-interest loans annually. You can borrow between £400 and £2,400 and the amount you can borrow depends on the membership you have.

    Being a part of Creditspring also grants you insights into your Stability Score, shedding light on your financial well-being and potential creditworthiness. This bespoke score undergoes monthly updates, enabling you to track your financial progress as well as understanding what level of membership you may be eligible for.


  1. Citrus Loans – the known name in the FinTech market, the Citrus Loans is known to provide best solutions to your needs. The eligibility criteria is simple, age should be 21 years or above, permanent UK resident proof, address history of last 3 to 5 years, a bank account, valid mobile number. A repayment capacity that is strong enough to prove the affordability against the loan amount you have applied for.


  1. British Lenders – A great loan option that provides funds beyond credit score status. Borrow up to £15000 on quick decision. A friendly, flexible and transparent company with fair deals and great customer service. You never get annoying calls as 100% online procedures keep things easy and simple without any chaos and hassle of lingering formalities. The approval decision is on your repayment capacity and there is no need to give any upfront fee or hidden charges. Due to these features this finance companies usually gets a 5 star rating from the customers in their reviews.


  1. Lendable – This lending company promotes itself as the source of fast loans at fair rates. The application procedures here are safe and encrypted. No fear and threat of data infringement and theft. Get money on the same day through paperless, instant procedures. You control your deal and decide which repayment schedule suits you best. In every 30 seconds, one customer gets approval. Quite fast and promising and you can always trust to have a good ten loan finance companies in uk


  1. AspireMoney – This is a great platform to feed all your ambitions and small but important needs of funds. The process is simple and clear. Apply online, get a quick call to discuss the details on your requirement, pick your loan choice and then in a short while the money comes to you. There is no need to provide any kind of document offline. Also, no need of physical verification. 24×7 availability of funds, borrow funds on any day of the week and irrespective of bank holidays.


  1. The Easy Loans – Just according to its name, you can approach to this finance company for any of your needs. Whether it is home improvement, buying a car, holiday, education, business, medical emergency, the funds are in your easy and instant reach. You can avail funds despite bad credit through personal loans for bad credit and there is no fear of search footprint. Soft credit check is available as the vital feature.

Now when you have so many choices, next time when you need funds, just bring out this list. Choose the one that is most suitable to your financial capacity and satisfy your small ambitions.

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