Most popular automation tools in the workplace

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Automation is used in the workplace all the time. It can be used in offices to make processes more efficient and less labour intensive for staff, along with helping with security, payroll, data storage and much more. It can also help your business save time, resources, and money and give you more time to focus on new goals and expand your business. To help you get started on your automation journey, Junair Spraybooths has looked at the most popular automation tools to help you on your way.


Keeping your company data secure from cyber attacks and internal threats is a top priority for most businesses. To keep your office data and information safe from malicious software and cyber attacks, it is best to invest money into a good security system to keep all your information safe. The vast amount of data your company stores can turn into a security threat if it’s left without protection. 

Having a security automation programme in place can save you and your employees time. They won’t need to repeat any time consuming and repetitive tasks to keep your data safe. If any issues do arise, the system makes it easy to trace them and helps you address the issue on time and efficiently.

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Project management

Distributing work and resources can be a time consuming task for managers to carry out. It can take hours to distribute everyone tasks and take even longer for progress and update reports on said tasks.

Using an automated system to help you with project management can help you evaluate, manage and optimise your project and tasks while the project is ongoing. This can help you see how long you’ve worked on a project and help you track your budget, all while making collaboration with workmates and other teams easier. For managers, it also allows them to track employees’ progress on tasks and enable them to see and analyse their business processes.


Being able to communicate with your team, clients and suppliers are fundamental for your businesses success. With more jobs and companies working remotely, having a good communication system in place is needed. Every company needs a reliable interconnected system that allows for reliable communication. A good chat-based service should allow for private chatrooms to be made, document sharing and allows for video/audio calls. This will help communication in your workplace run seamlessly. 

advanced automation tools for workplaceReports and analysis

Several automated systems can help you analyse how well your business is doing. Monthly and annual reports can take up a lot of time for you and your team. Having an automated system in place to identify key trends and analyse your data can save your business time spent doing other things.

Customer support

For many e-commerce businesses, customer service is required 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It would be challenging to create a realistic schedule for people to do in most businesses. This is why the likes of chatbots are very beneficial for many companies to help ensure your customers get support as and when they need it. It can be easily integrated into your support system. It can reduce the time that your employees spend on individual issues. You can also allow the chatbots to follow up to resolve your customer’s problems and ensure that everything is running smoothly in your customers’ experience using your services.

Automated tools can make your work life easier. The most common benefits of including automation tools in your workplace are higher production rates and increased productivity rates. Introducing automation in your workplace can be a long process, so it’s best to think about what will benefit you and your team the most and work from there.

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