How much money needed to start a business in the UK

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When planned to start a business in the UK the first question that arises in the mind is how much money you need to start a small startup business in the UK. The amount required for a business varies depending upon the industry and the type of business chosen. In general, the average budget to launch a startup business in the UK ranges from £5,000. Always one should be very careful in calculating and pre-determining the total cost needed to start a business and survey in the UK for the first year. The two major reasons for the failure of a business would be poor budgeting and unexpected costs that occur in lack of a proper business plan. Here in this article, we discuss the various factors involved in calculating the total money needed to start a business.

A Proper business plan will ultimately lead you with a good idea of small business startup costs, operating costs, and other such costs such as marketing, business incorporation costs, insurance costs, purchasing costs for stocks, and equipment related to your respective business. There are plenty of small online businesses started even with no capital or no money but the main concept behind is to have strong expertise in the area you choose.

money needed to startup business

Purpose of calculating Business Startup costs

The main purpose of calculating the business startup cost is to be well prepared with the financial expected and unexpected costs, which in turn helps you to make better business decisions and gain more profit out of your business.

  • To be more statistical according to Geniac Study, it is found that nearly two-thirds of business owners had faced unexpected expenses in their first year with the effect of reduced profit and hurdles in the business growth. Apart from these, the other benefits are,
  • Prior Financial calculation on your business helps you to move on to other funding options if financial scarcity occurs. Many network investors (business angels) are available in the UK who helps many entrepreneurs or startup, business owners.
  • You can be clear, demonstrate the same to your investors, and build trust in them concerning the financial issues in your business.
  • You can be sure whether your business is financially viable for the long-term process.
  • Cost calculation of your business helps incomplete analysis of all the cost spent overall equipment and materials required for your business and promote your brand successively.

Failing of the calculation of your startup business would lead to clumsy and underestimation of your business needs.

Ways to figure out the cash needed to start your business

The best and most appropriate way to calculate the cost need for your business startup is the perfect business plan. Always an individual should keep in his mind while planning for a business is you should not underestimate the needs or overestimate the revenues so always plan in accordance with how you are going to run your business and hope for the best. Also, be ready and plan for the worst case.

Apart from these business plans, it is always better to have a good consultation with the business experts and legal advisor. Like each business, vary depending upon every individual’s business goal you have to be clear with the type of business and different business formations in the UK.

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Besides these in accordance with the financial aspect of your business, you should also have some basic understanding of accounting to run your business smoothly. So choose the right accounting method and keep track of bookkeeping tasks in your business. If you are clear with the accounting principles and types of business formation like a sole trader, limited company, or public limited company then you can have a perfect and accurate cash flow and determine your business revenue well in advance.

Details on startup expenses

When you had planned to start a business then you have to spend some money during the startup process to run your business successively. These are the costs spent on the business that helps you in bringing your target audience and generate revenue easily and quickly with proper branding and promoting done. Few to mention are,

Marketing and Branding

These include expenses like web designing, logo design, social media advertising, business cards, brochures, and other marketing material.

Consulting fees

The fees spent on the legal advisors or consultants to write the best business plan or spending for the experts who help to register your company with the Companies House in the UK.

Recruitment fees

The amount spent on job board’s advertisement for new vacancies and hire employees for their business.

Registration cost

The amount spent on registering the business in the UK after choosing the business structure and the company formation

Simple ways to calculate business startup costs

how much money need to start your business

In general, to calculate the startup cost for your business you have to create an expenses list that covers all the costs you spend to operate or open a new business. Some of them are,

Initially write down the defined cost, the cost or startup expenses and assets that you really spend to start your business, and the other costs which you calculate based on complete research and gathering information from other industry experts in this business.

There are different types of costs available in your startup business and they are,

One time cost

It can also be said as the sunk cost which is spent as a one-time investment as a beginner or startup company. The money spent on incorporating your business or purchasing a piece of equipment for your long-term business process

Fixed Cost

The costs that you pay on regular basis as an ongoing process, which includes paying rent, utility fees, internet fees. The cost spent on the contractual agreement.

Variable cost

These type of costs vary according to the seasonal products of your business goods or services that you are supposed to pay in a particular time. Still, various other costs like essential costs, optional costs etc. are available in a startup business.

So based on these costs organize a list of expenses related to one-time expenses and fixed costs clearly which helps you to know exactly how much amount you need to spend to meet your customer demand in the business.


The above-mentioned are some of the simple ways to determine how much money needed to start a new business in the UK.


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