The Most Common Malfunctions Of The Repeater And Ways To Fix Them

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In the operation of any complex electronic device, malfunctions are possible. No manufacturer can reduce the defect rate to absolute zero. In addition, when operating complex devices, a number of situations can be interpreted as a malfunction, but the reason for this behavior of the equipment may be improper operation. The repeater is no exception. Problems with this device can arise both as a result of marriage and improper operation of the device. In this article, we will consider the most common problems faced by Tesco mobile signal booster users.

common Malfunctions Of The Repeater

The Most Common Repeater Failures

To be sure of the quality of the device, as well as to be able to use it without the need for constant contact with the service center, we recommend that you pay attention and give preference to models of trusted brands that have proven themselves in the British market.

Let’s consider the most problematic malfunctions that may occur in the operation of Tesco mobile signal boosters

Repeater Stopped Turning On

Check the voltage in the network. If it is lowered, then the system simply will not start. This problem is especially common in cottage settlements and dachas, where voltage drops in the mains are very frequent.

Repeater Stopped Turning On

Check the power supply. Sometimes its plug does not fit snugly into the repeater jack, which causes problems in operation. Often, the repeater does not turn on precisely because of a failed factory power supply that comes with the main equipment. In this case, you just have to purchase a new adapter and continue to use the device.

The Repeater Stopped Amplifying The Connection

A common problem with working devices is when it seems that the repeater has stopped amplifying cellular communications. With the occurrence of this problem, we advise you to diagnose the device. And you need to start diagnosing with a radio frequency environment. Especially if the repeater was purchased and installed without preliminary diagnostics of the cellular network with the necessary measurement of the Tesco signal level. It is possible that your area simply does not have the coverage required by the mobile standard.

The Repeater Stopped Amplifying The Connection

Therefore, we advise you to immediately find out what standard of cellular communication is typical for your locality. And determine what standard of operation the purchased repeater is designed for. It is important to understand that it will be advisable to install a repeater only in cases where even the weakest initial cellular signal is available. If this is completely absent, the system will not be able to work and process due to the fact that there will simply be no incoming signal to the amplifier.

The Repeater Is Chosen Correctly, But There Is No Cellular Signal Amplification.

Perform a sequencing test for the entire system. Pay attention to how all the cables are connected, especially the correct connection of the cables to the antennas and the amplifier itself.

Make sure the outdoor antenna is properly connected to the repeater. Some make a mistake in this connection when the antenna is connected to the amplifier case to the wrong connector. It is strictly forbidden to interchange the connection of external and internal antennas. Each device has its own connectors.

Symbols are usually indicated on the case: an external antenna comes with the symbols “BTS” or “BS”. On some models, it is written “Outdoor antenna”. For internal antennas, the “MS” or “ANT” connector is intended, or it will simply be the inscription “Indoor antenna”.

By the way, it’s also not worth discounting direct damage to the cable – it can be damaged not only during operation but even during installation. You can also check the correct setting of the outdoor antenna. It should be directed strictly to the nearest cell tower.

Factors that have an additional effect on the level of the cellular signal:

  • the remoteness of the object where the repeater is installed from the base station of the cellular operator;
  • landscape features between the object and the cell tower;
  • obstacles acting as a screen for the passage of the signal (forest belt, military facilities, etc.).

Consider the technical features of the repeater – parabolic antennas very well capture even the weakest signal. But at the same time, they are absolutely not suitable for working with a signal that is reflected.

Another reason for the lack of the necessary amplification is the use of a repeater with antennas that are not suitable for this model. It is especially important to pay attention to this point if all components are purchased separately from each other (when a set of equipment is purchased immediately, usually this problem does not arise, because everything is already perfectly matched at the factory). It is important when choosing antennas to give preference to exactly those models that will be fully compatible with your repeater. It is primarily about the frequency range and gains.

The Repeater Shows A High Signal Level, But There Is No Connection

The Repeater Shows A High Signal Level

The situation in which, after installing the repeater, the mobile phone shows a high signal level, and the communication quality leaves much to be desired, is explained by the self-excitation of the amplifier. In this mode of operation, radio waves from the internal antenna are received by the external antenna, and the repeater amplifies the signal “in a circle.” There is an amplification of the local signal, and not the waves of mobile networks received from the base station.

As a rule, self-excitation occurs if the external and internal antennas are too close to each other. To fix this problem, you need to spread the antennas farther apart. A similar problem can occur if the indoor and outdoor antennas are pointed at each other. Most often, the repeater manual contains recommendations regarding the installation, configuration, and installation of antennas.


Users of any mobile operator in the UK may experience problems with the correct operation of mobile signal amplifiers. If you are a Tesco mobile signal booster user, then you should first of all pay attention to the correct settings of devices and antennas. If you want to involve specialists in solving problems, then UCtel is a reliable option to provide your home or office with high-quality mobile communications. The UCtel company will help you choose and install and configure mobile signal amplifiers for any mobile operator in the UK.

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