How You Can Look After Your Body and Mind In The Workplace?

How You Can Look After Your Body and Mind In The Workplace

Health and safety considerations are some of the most important factors that an employee will consider when looking for a new line of work. This is why when you find a job, you should be doing everything you can to work hard, whilst staying safe, to get paid. There will be different ways to stay safe, depending on the industry you work in, which this article will explain.

Train Straight Away

The first thing you should be doing in the workplace is taking part in training schemes. These training schemes will help you get to grips with the job you’re doing, and show you the safe way to work without hindering yourself.

Even if you’ve been at a place of work for several years, you should still be striving to be better, and learning from the experience. If you get too used to one way of doing things, it could make your line of work dangerous when things change, as you’re not prepared to adapt. Embrace change and training to not only protect your health but to make you a productive and happy employee.

Ask A Supervisor For Supervision

Especially when starting, but something that you could implement in your future career, is to ask your supervisor to observe a task that you’re working on. This will be to ensure that you’re doing something right and that if anything is going wrong, you will be able to be guided into the right path.

Supervision can not only be useful from a health and safety point of view, but also in a way that demonstrates to your superiors that you are trying and willing to do better. They may then see something in you, which could benefit your career.

Ask A Supervisor For Supervision

Wear The Right Equipment

For many businesses and industries across the country, there will be a required uniform of some description. This uniform could be for cosmetic and branding reasons, such as helping to identify your employees in a busy shop and make it easier for customers, or it could be for safety reasons.

In terms of safety, that is why you will see workers of some industries wearing high vis jackets, as they need to be identified in dark high-risk areas, such as roads. Employees who are not supplied with or wearing a high vis jacket may be in danger in their workplace, as they cannot be identified.

There are other examples of clothing items and accessories that you will need to wear to keep safe. Footwear is important for a variety of different industries, as it can offer protection for your feet in regards to water, electricity and heavy items. Workers who injure their feet are workers who will most likely not be able to continue working for some time.

You will have options for types of work boots and safety shoes. For example, rigger boots, such as the ones offered by Safety Boots UK, are one of the most popular types of safety shoes. They host several brands from Amblers to Cofra, with their boots being easy to slip on, whilst offering the ultimate protection that they can. No matter what industry you work in or what job you do, suitable footwear will be pivotal for your overall health.

Understand The Risks Involved

Before embarking on any job, you must understand the risks involved. That means you should be asking your employers and employees about the risks involved in a job you’re working at.

These risks could come in many forms, from factory work to office work. Factory risks will mainly come in form of the machines, where if they are wrongly operated, could be deadly. They will also have to consider how they carry heavy loads, as they could injure their back if not properly done.

Understand The Risks Involved

In terms of office work, the risks here are more mundane, but can still be costly to one’s health. For example, those who work at a computer should ensure they stretch their legs from time to time and work their muscles, so that they don’t develop any conditions or issues with their bones.

It’s a similar story for when it comes to their eye health, as eyes can strain from staring at a screen for too long. This is why it’s recommended to take breaks from the screen each hour, for a few minutes at a time, to ensure that their eyes can rest and not get burnt from too much activity with electronics.

Follow Safety Rules

Of course, one of the most effective ways to ensure you are safe at work is to follow the safety rules that are in place. Your employer should have rules in place specific to your workplace, but you should of course also use your common sense to stay safe, and not put yourself in any danger.

If you’re unsure of the rules of your specific place of work, then it will be all the more important that you speak to your manager or employer to clarify. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask, because safety comes first and they will understand and appreciate you asking.

Report Hazards When Identified

In a similar line of thinking, it will be crucial for you to report any hazards you see as soon as possible, to get them resolved. It could already be something you’re aware of, but there will be times when it is simply not safe to work, and you need to leave.

Alerting managers and supervisors to issues as soon as possible helps ensure that these hazards get dealt with quickly, and keep you and your fellow employees safe from any potential danger.

Be Honest With Your Employer

If you have any concerns with a task you’re working on or any concerns about your work in general, then you should alert your employers as soon as possible. For example, you may be about to work on a machine that you don’t fully understand or feel comfortable with operating. In a case like this, you will need to be honest with your employer so that you don’t harm yourself by accident, or disrupt the workload in general.

Don’t Assume A Task

For the same reason outlined above, you should never assume anything about working, especially if you’ve been told to wait for a supervisor. There will be reasons as to why you’ve been told to not yet work on something, which could come up later on in regards to danger.

You will need to come into the workplace to get the work done that you’re paid for, so if you haven’t been asked to do something, don’t do it. Especially don’t work on anything that you’ve been told to avoid.

Look After Your Mental Health

Within any workplace, there will be challenges associated with mental health that you will need to be aware of. It could come from overworking, or being stressed whilst working. That’s why you should find a system within your workplace that allows your brain to relax, and to not punish yourself too hard for any mistakes that you may make.

That’s also the reason that you should look to take regular breaks, as overworking can not only damage your mental health, it could also make you tired. A tired worker is a worker who increases their chance of danger, as they will have lapses in concentration, which could be costly.