Accidents that can lead to leg amputation

The human leg is the entire lower limb of the human body; the human leg includes the thigh, toe, foot, and even the hips. Leg plays a vital role in balance and helps us to walk or move. Sometimes, a general accident which occurs in daily life causes severe damage to the legs. Furthermore, in worse cases, they may lose their leg due to the nerve and bone damage. A severe laceration can also lead to leg amputation.

What is leg amputation?

Leg amputation is full or partial loss of the leg due to the injury or trauma. In severe conditions, it may become necessary to cut the leg to reduce the spreading of infection. As you know, there are various types of amputation. Leg amputation may occur in different places. So, the recovery time may vary depending on the area of amputation and the severity of the infection.

However, if you are involved in an accident which occurred due to someone else fault and you suffer from damage and amputation, you can claim compensation. It’s your legal right to claim compensation, as you are now disabling for life. Never hesitate to claim compensation against your employer.

leg amputation

Hip disarticulation – In this amputation, the hip is left intact, and the doctor only cut the leg from the hip socket.

Short transfemoral – This is the leg amputation in which leg amputation occurs above the knee.

Transfemoral – In this, amputation of the leg above the knee, where 35 to 60 of the femur is left.

Long transfemoral – Amputation of leg over the knee, where more than 60% of the femur is left.

Knee disarticulation – Amputation of the leg from the knee joint

Short transtibial – In this type of leg amputation, 20 to 50% of the tibia will remain below the knee

Long transtibial – leg amputation below the knee, in which more than 50% of tibia remains intact

As you know, there are many types of leg amputation. Furthermore, leg amputation may occur from different positions so that the compensation amount may vary according to the loss.

What to do after amputation?

After the accident and leg amputation, you can take strict actions against the liable party whose negligence caused you suffering and pain. You can also register the claim of compensation against the responsible party.

To successfully claim your compensation, you should follow these steps:

Call the police – Police is a government’s department remains neutral. So after the accident, you should immediately call the police. This will help you to register your claim as official level. It doesn’t matter how much reliable the culprit is. They can’t change records from police files.

Take pictures – After the accident, you can use your camera or Smartphone to take the snaps of the accident area. You can also seek the help of your friend or colleague. Your colleagues or eyewitness can also take the photographs on your behalf so he can send you during the case hearing.

Medical checkup – You should also seek the doctor advice after the accident. If you delay the physical checkup, you may lose your right to claim. Even after the amputation, you should visit the doctor after the regular interval to avoid any infection.

Common Accidents for leg amputation

Leg amputation at work

On-field, accidents are more severe than other accidents. According to a survey, most of the accidents at the workplace lead to amputation. In industries, you mostly use heavy machinery and deals with heavy objects. When these objects fall on your feet or hit the legs brutally, can damage or cur the legs. Usually, in most cases, the employer is responsible for the accidents for not providing his staff with a safe environment.

Leg amputation after a road accident

Road accidents are full of injuries. These accidents can also put your life at risk. In road accidents, if you are driving a vehicle, especially if you are riding a bike, you may damage your legs. In severe cases, due to the trauma or nerve laceration, you may disable your legs. Sometimes, the infection can start spread towards the upper body. In this condition, doctors recommend cutting the legs.

leg amputation recovery

Seek the solicitor’s advice

After the accident, you may seek the help of the solicitor to claim compensation from the liable party. To make your case strong and worthy, you should always consult with an experienced personal injury solicitor Blackburn. He can help you in collecting the evidence of the accident’s occurrence. Personal injury solicitor can also estimate the compensation amount by adding your loss and expenses.