How to Find a Job Through Social Media

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Instead of using social media for regular scrolls, you can take it as a platform where you can market yourself and get to find jobs. Having a social media account, you are just one step away from your dream job.

Today the market is flooded with graduates; to stand out from the rest, you will have to find a creative way to apply for the job. It is not easy to get the attention of employers; therefore, the only way to get through is by having unique tactics. Below are the ways you can land a job via social media.

Post Portfolio or CV on Social Media

For you to use social media wisely during your job hunt process, you will first have to develop a portfolio website or even a social media page where you can showcase your abilities and qualifications. Let’s say you are an artist; you can post your art samples; it is a simple and effective way you can market yourself.

If you have a website, you market it on social media platforms so that you can be easily identified. Your CV should cover everything precisely; therefore, you must create a quality one. If you cannot make one, use the free resume builder and develop a professional CV.

Post Portfolio or CV on Social Media

Participate in Social Media Discussions and Debates

Participating in the debates, liking and following companies and job search experts is one of the ways you can impress these individuals. The truth is, it is a hard task as it is not that is easy to be recognized, but you never know who is watching and getting interested in your skills.

On the digital platforms, there are endless numbers of discussions rising daily from different industries. By engaging in some of the debates, there is a day you get a reward that you’ve been chasing for a long. Stay updated by setting the Google notification on debate topics of your interest.

The other way is to search for the debates and the trends through hashtags. It will help to research the topics discussed to be certain of what you say. By having facts on such debates, someone somewhere will eventually develop an interest in you.

Search for Job Opportunities on LinkedIn and Twitter

Develop a habit of actively searching for job opportunities on LinkedIn and Twitter. If there is a platform filled with job opportunities is LinkedIn. On this platform, the jobs are easy to apply for, and you will not encounter complications since you will get some that have an ‘Easy Apply’ function. For such jobs, all you have to do is to send in your resume.

Twitter can be a helpful tool in job searching; all you need to do is to search for the specific hashtags that might be trending, for example, #graduatejobs, #nowhiring, etc. The hashtags will take you directly to the available searched jobs.

How to Find a Job Through Social Media


Social media is a great job searching tool, especially for individuals who have just graduated. Don’t use the platforms for entertainment; post pictures of yourself to gain likes. Forget about being a celebrity on this platform and use them wisely in hunting for your dream job.  

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