How to Choose a Reliable Resume Writing Service in London?

Sample resumes

Resumes can be time-consuming to write, and you may not know what to include and what to leave out. You may only have seconds to get the attention of a recruiter. Using a resume writing service gives higher odds of being noticed. The best resume writing services employ professional writers who understand how to tailor a resume to show why you’re the best fit for a position and catch the eye of a hiring manager. Here is some advice on what factors you need to consider for choosing the best resume writing service.

Writer credentials 

Writing a resume is about more than having strong writing skills. Writers need to understand how to write an effective modern resume with strong personalization for you. Resume writing services should employ writers with credentials from professional associations that offer certificates and training. The fact that writers are certified doesn’t necessarily guarantee a quality resume, but the fact that they have gone through the process and written exams shows their dedication to their profession and clients.

If you’re looking for the best CV writing service London make sure you work with certified British writers. The best professional resume writers should also ideally have:

  1. Industry knowledge
  2. An understanding of keyword optimization
  3. Customization skills

Industry knowledge: Resume writers should understand the language rules, formatting and best practices for resumes in your desired field. If you are in IT, you want a writer trained in that field because industry knowledge enables the writer to add specific information tailored to your field.

Keyword optimization understanding: Applicant tracking systems (ATS) look for keywords in your resume to rank your application. Good resume writers understand how they work and how to optimize a resume with relevant keywords.

Customization skills: Customizing your resume means taking the information you provide and writing it in a way that highlights your specific qualifications, talents and skills. The final result should be compelling, concise and easy to read.

How to Choose a Reliable Resume Writing Service in London

Company reputation

How long has the resume writing service been operating? Does the company have a good reputation in the industry? Look for genuine testimonials and customer success stories that indicate what type of work writers are capable of producing. Browsing the company’s social media profiles and reading the About Us page can also be informative.

Collaboration process

Check out the process the writing service offers. Can you collaborate directly with a writer via chat tools, or do you communicate via emails? Some services only work with clients via email and use worksheets and questionnaires. You have to choose a process that best suits your needs.

You may prefer to submit all your information online and work via email. On the other hand, it is difficult for a writer to craft a quality resume unless they understand your individual needs and career goals. For this, it’s important to use services that incorporate chatting one-on-one with a writer.

Sample resumes

You don’t want to choose a resume writing service that uses the same generic template for everyone. Look at the resume samples on the site, including the layout and word choice. How personalized do they seem to be? Is the format more modern or traditional? These sample resumes will give you some idea of the writers’ skills and expertise.


There are resume writing services available at just about every price point. Many resume writing services offer affordable prices and a 24-hour turnaround time. It’s worth doing some research to make sure you choose a service that offers you the best value for your money.

What is included in the service? Many services include a customizable cover letter or some other service with a resume package. Ideally, you should have the right to make some edits before finalizing the resume. Some companies offer a free resume evaluation or consultation before you place an order.


It is impossible to guarantee a job offer as there are too many variables involved. Some of the best companies guarantee that if a resume doesn’t get the applicant an interview in 30 days, a writer will revise the resume free of charge.

Customer service

You want to choose a resume writing service that’s available 24/7 to answer any questions about the writing process or your order. A resume writing service that is very responsive to all your needs and produces a quality end result is worth the cost.



Resume writing services can craft a personalized resume for you that will help you to land a great job. Some services are passionate about helping you to achieve this goal, but there are others that are just out to make money. By considering the above factors, you will have a better insight into what type of company you are dealing with. You will find out what makes one service better than another and make sure you spend your money wisely.