5 out of the box Halloween contact lenses for Halloween lovers!

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What’s Halloween really without a few wild costumes, some terrifying makeovers, and bone-chilling scares? These very things are the true essence of Halloween and the occasion is certainly incomplete without it!

Dressing up for Halloween has always been quite an exciting affair. The more detail-oriented of us go all out planning everything down to the tiniest aspect. The costume must be as authentic and accurate as possible, the makeup matching whatever character we are striving to emulate, etc. But what about the eyes?

Halloween contact lenses UK – 5 Out Of Box Collection

How do we veil the color that we are born with and match the one we are trying to copy? Halloween contact lenses UK are truly an answer to the prayers by Halloween enthusiasts!

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Here are some truly amazing contact lenses for Halloween looks:

1.Twilight Breaking Dawn

There has been an increasing wave of support for all things vampire. And it is pretty understandable too, given the popularity of lead vampires in the Vampire Diaries and even the Twilight series. The male leads have been chosen with great care, they are a picture of perfection!

The female leads too, are worthy of mounting on a plaque. With this came an immense amount of people all wanting to dress up as brooding vampires on Halloween. And well, it is pretty easy to be a vampire. Everyone owns a tux and the ladies all own black dresses. It is really simple to get pale skin with the outstanding quality of makeup available everywhere. The snag in the plan really is the eyes. How to achieve those eyes which are a blend of animal and human? Reddish orange but having specks of black too?

The twilight-breaking dawn lenses are amazingly crafted to make anyone turn into a vampire really easily! All you have to do is pop on a pair of lenses and unleash your inner beast!

2. Bloodshot Drops

This generation is really creative. And with creativity came along a diverse range of costumes and characters unheard of previously. People are dressing up as aliens, but not just plain old ones; really strange ones with features that are absurd and new!

Bloodshot drops are completely in line with such thought processes. They are one amazing kind of contact lenses featuring a creamy background and little specks of red which are uncannily similar to blood spatters in the eyes. Anyone locking eyes with you on Halloween better be prepared to experience the fright of their lives! A number of different characters can be played with these lenses, all scary of course! You could be a ghost, a mad scientist, an experiment gone wrong, an alien – the possibilities are endless!

3. Blackout

Blackout lenses, like their name suggests, are absolutely black. The lenses aren’t tinted, but rather are opaque to make sure your final look boasts eyes so black, it would put the night to shame. The lenses would be ideal for someone looking to play a super scary character, like the devil incarnate perhaps. Dressing up all black with just red horns would be amazing!

The blackout lenses can also be used in a different way. Dress up as a ghost straight out of an exorcism movie. Wear a ragged white robe, with dirty ankles peeking through, long straggly hair, and then when you make eye contact, you’ll leave your audience gasping for breath with eyes black like from beyond the grave!

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4. Ice Walker

Is it any surprise that the ice walker lenses should be on the list, after the searing success of Game of Thrones? The characters were called the White Walkers and had piercing blue eyes. When they locked gaze with someone, it was as if they could see all the way down to the very soul. The horrifying creatures were basically made as if the dead had risen again (after some decay) so that only flesh and bones remained.

5. Psycho

Out of all Halloween contact lenses, these are the most fun! They have a swirl in them, which is so creative and so different. The fun part about these lenses and the character of a “psycho’ is all that you can do with it!

Dressing up is completely how you see it, it could be a total mismatch of clothes. It could be a character carrying around a weird assortment of objects or even with absurd makeup on their face. However, even this isn’t really the fun part. The crazy thing about this character would be all that you can do! Jump out at people, act manic, scream, shriek and sing as much as you want! Really let your inner freak fly!

As always, exercise all precautions when handling lenses to make sure your eyes are safe! Remember, precaution is better than cure, and with an organ as sensitive as the eyes, you can never be too safe!