How to Find Accounting Clients in the UK

Accounting clients for accounting firm

Nowadays many start a small business in the UK with handsome knowledge on business bookkeeping, record maintenance, payroll, or tax preparation. In order to concentrate more on their business and since they do not have much time maintaining the finance reports, they prefer hiring an accounting services firm in London who is specialized in business finance, which would be a significant value for their small business. Accounting firm services can reduce operational costs and certainly increase business revenue largely.

Ways to find accounting clients


As there is a huge demand for accounting firms like Gorilla Accountants, many ways are feasible and easy to find accounting clients in the UK with the advancement of technology in all aspects like powerful apps and social media marketing. Moreover, the modern accountants in recent years focus on paperless office work and cloud accounting, which done remotely as per the request and need of the clients. In addition to this, they also ensure that the services rendered by accounting firms must meet the owner’s budget and their financial needs.

What is Accounting?

Accounting is the process of daily analysis, tracking, and recording of an organization’s finances. The analysis made by the accounting financials allows many small businesses to determine the cash flow in advance for potential expansion. Here in this article, we had discussed some of the simple strategies to find the accounting clients,

10 Simple Strategies to find Attracting Clients to your Accounting Firm in the UK

1. Narrow down your Niche and Develop a Proactive Network with Clients

Always focus on what actually; clients need or what should you offer in a great deal. Suppose if you are in a plan to offer for small business or specific industry then get involved in those organization trade associations and industry groups. Create a proactive network among yourself and be clear to express your thoughts and ideas in conferences and many other networking events. With the usage of social media. Be sure that you develop a strong business-networking phenomenon. So being closer to the network groups not only increases the chance of visibility but also helps you to stay on the cutting edge.

You can know the client’s potential issues and try to solve their issues easily. Always great content will increase the client’s attention towards you and moreover show off your expertise and make an initial connection with the clients with more confidence in you, which is more important from a business perspective.

2. Asking for Referrals

Accounting clients

When finding new clients for your accounting firm, it is more important that you wider your search, know more about the specific business people who really want your accounting expertise. The marketing strategy plays a vital role in all days to attract new accounting clients and seek more recommendations or referrals from your friends, family, and colleagues. Speak off your new accounting business firm to everyone as much as possible and try to share your business cards (a good marketing strategy to increase your business visibility) to people when you meet them in a large network, which helps them to approach you easily in future.

3. Optimization of Business Website Ranking in Google Search Page

The most powerful tool that we have among all of us is the google search that provides exact solutions for almost all searches made. People search for many things related to business accounting and find their respective firms for their businesses as required.

So based on these it is a better technique to optimize your website rank well in google search using some of the SEO techniques to enhance your site visibility which in turn increases the possibility of getting your target or potential accounting clients for your business. Always be well trained or you must have good exposure to the Google search algorithm m and accounting industry to make everything possible.

4. Update your Firm with the Business Directories

best business directories

Make use of the business directories to register your business and it is free to claim your business listings in google. Update all details of your business like including your business hours, a small description of your business, and most importantly your contact information for the clients to contact you further with all these necessary information. All these will definitely increase your visibility among potential customers and makes you find your accounting clients easily.

5. More involvement with Social Media Groups

social media marketing strategy for business

As mentioned earlier many of the social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and various other Media help all business people in their marketing techniques. By using all these you can just start to ask small business owners to join the group and answer their accounting queries and offer additional help online or offline. In addition, you can provide some specific and reputed professional referrals (form your contacts) as per the business requirement of the accounting clients, which in turn helps you to attract the accounting clients easily.

6. Content Marketing

content marketing

To find your new accounting client UK, if you are skilled and talented in creating “Quality content” then you can obviously start writing a blog related to your accounting firm. You can be a guest blogger site that your potential clients do visit often and enhance your visibility. Be sure that you post high-quality blogs with relevant keywords and include a link to your website URL or any other information, which makes the accounting clients reach you easily. In addition to this, you can also try with making videos, which is becoming popular nowadays like the podcast, webinar for your site. 

7. Prefer Exchange of Services

When finding accounting clients you can exchange the accounting services for other entrepreneurs’ products or services. For e.g. barter your skills and service to a graphic designer in order to design a logo or a website designer to enhance your website visibility. Try implementing an exchange of services with the local business owners, which helps you in gaining a good relational ship with other businesses, and in turn, it could be or might be a referral for your accounting firm to attract new clients.

8. Declare the Best Process that you implement

Discuss with the clients about your work nature and the best process you give out to your clients, which are more attractive like

  • The number of clients each year is strictly limited
  • Clients treated with the respect that the relationship continues even after the tax process
  • Serve what the accounting clients expect and really want
  • More importance is given to clients feedback

These are some of the simple best processes that you can assure your clients and turn their attention towards you.

9. Be a Proactive Accounting Firm

In order to find a potential accounting client for your firm, you should be more smart and proactive in your financial aspects. Do accounting for your current organization, try to show off the work done in a smarter way to others, and prove yourself, why they should choose you like the best accounting firm for their small business organization.

10. Be Transparent

Always be transparent in your work process and make it clear to your potential clients so that they choose you without any confusion. Help them in all aspects of their business and make them believe you and rely on you for their business development. So far that you must be strong enough in all technical aspects and know much more about the happening all around.


Hence the above mentioned are the 10 simple strategies to implement effectively in finding your accounting clients in the UK. I Hope, the article was more helpful for the reader to start finding the clients faster.