How to enhance your branding with the right CBD packaging design?

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Are you looking for the right CBD packaging to elevate your product appearance and improve your brand image? Then you are in the right place! With so many localized regulations and social misconceptions about CBD products, sometimes it is hard to navigate through what is adequate or effective in terms of packaging and branding. 

In this article, Packlion will share with you some of the best ways to maximize your branding efforts through CBD packaging design. 

Why does your design matter so much to customers?

Packaging is what makes your CBD product recognizable and often what draws prospects to become customers. That is because people buy based on emotions, so positive first impressions often encourage purchase decisions. And let’s be honest, the first thing buyers notice is the packaging’s appearance, so it needs to be impeccable – alluring, relevant, and compelling. 

Attractiveness is a major factor in how people perceive your products. But it is not everything to encourage a sale. Due to the nature of the product, the packaging design should also be unique and accurately represent what the product is, what it is used for, and communicate what the CBD brand values are. 

How to get CBD design right and improve your branding?

How to get CBD design right and improve your branding

Know your target audience

The initial step towards enhancing your branding with the right CBD packaging design is to know your customers. Before you could make any decisions on how your design should look, you need to be aware of who your buyer persona is and what their interests and needs are, in order to inspire them to become customers from ‘first sight’.

Every bit of information on your ideal customer and the target market could be helpful in the process of CBD branding. Once you identify what problems your product solves, you can build a branding strategy that highlights these product benefits. 

Focus on your brand’s promise

One of the biggest selling points in packaging design is brand promise. To figure out what values to put under the spotlight, think about what makes your product distinctive, what makes it better than other alternatives, how it helps the consumer, and why people should become your customers. When you determine which aspect is the most important, you can focus your packaging design efforts on highlighting it.

Use matching colors

Selecting a color scheme is an essential aspect of a good packaging design. In the CBD industry, most companies focus on the green palette (understandably). But even though it makes sense to go green, truth is, in order to stand out, you can be a bit more creative with your color choices. 

Blue is a great color, often associated with the medical and cosmetic fields. Brown and beige are earthy colors that represent nature. Red is a very alluring color that gives off vibes of urgency and health. Black and white are very minimalistic and sophisticating in design. And so on. The options are endless. It is up to you to figure out what works best for your CBD company.

Present the information about your product the right way

When we talk about design, the way the information is presented and perceived is very important. So not only do you need to include details about your product on the packaging but also make it comprehensive, easy to read, and understand. 

Be unique

Plain and conventional packaging design is rather boring and will do nothing to make your products pop on the shelves or on online listings. Avoid blending in by steering away from all the repetitive designs in the CBD industry such as the green hemp leaf and plain white packaging. 

In order to stand out from competitors and become an easily recognizable brand, you need to be different. Create a unique packaging design that highlights all the beneficial aspects of your CBD product. Select a relevant design theme to emotionally connect with customers, use appropriate colors, find a fitting font, and add visual elements that communicate your values. 

Present the information about your product the right way

Use sustainable materials

Ditch the idea of unnecessary packaging layers and plastic wrapping. Try investing in sustainable packaging to make your product more eco-friendly and save the environment. Here are some of the benefits of using sustainable materials for your packaging:

  • Lightweight, easy to store and transport
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Made of renewable sources
  • Either biodegradable or recyclable
  • Fast break down process (a few months)

Some of the best eco-friendly materials you can use in protective CBD packaging are cardboard and paper. As for the product storage packaging, go for a glass bottle or container, which is easily recyclable. Another idea to embrace if you want to be even more eco-aware is to invest in soy-based ink, instead of a chemical one. 

Benefits of the right packaging design

The main benefit for your brand from embracing the right packaging design is brand awareness. Proper branding makes you stand out and gives you exposure. As a result, people will start to easily differentiate your products from competitors and start seeking them out as necessary and familiar items. 

CBD design attractiveness will also allure many new clients and respectfully, lead to more sales. Along with the bigger profit, you will notice a vast increase in product popularity which opens more opportunities for business growth. After all, it is easier to build a positive brand reputation when people openly like your products and connect with your brand.

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