Easy Ways to Elevate Your Home’s Kerb Appeal and Make Your Property Stand Out on the Street

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Kerb appeal – you’ll be forgiven if you have no idea what it means! But, for those who want to give their home a makeover and have it stand out in the neighbourhood, it’s time to brush up your knowledge on the matter. To put it simply, kerb appeal is all about making your home attractive from the outside, so people want to purchase it!

If you’re thinking of selling up and moving on, it’s time to take a good look at your property’s exterior. Should there be any wear and tear, or the outside doesn’t look very desirable, you can’t expect homebuyers to be salivating at the mouth to check out the interior! Thankfully, there are plenty of easy ways to enhance your home’s kerb appeal. Here are just a few.

Spruce Up Your Front Door

The front door is the focal point of any property’s exterior. It says a lot about you as a homeowner and what you’ve got lurking behind it. For that reason, now may be the perfect time to give your front door a well-deserved makeover. Sure, there’s the option to give it a lick of paint to brighten it up. But, you may decide all its wear and tear over the years may mean a replacement is in order.

If you’re drawn to the latter idea, why not look into a carpenter who can create a bespoke front door that aligns with your taste? Finding one couldn’t be easier too. MyBuilder makes it easy to find carpenters and joiners near you. You can check out local carpenters and joiners, get quotes and find someone trustworthy and reputable to fulfil your needs.

Refresh Exterior Paint

Tidy Up the Garden

A well-maintained outdoor space instantly boosts your home’s kerb appeal. If you’re not an avid gardener, why not call up the professionals to tackle this project? A gardener can trim overgrown hedges, get rid of dead plants and weeds, and mow the lawn. Essentially, completing these tasks will completely enhance your garden space for the better.

To create an inviting and vibrant outdoor atmosphere, why not look into adding colourful flowers and plants? Make sure to house them in strategic areas to get the most out of them. You can add flowers at the front of your property too that are sure to be a real talking point and get people passing by looking twice!

Upgrade Your Windows

You need to make sure you’re maintaining your property’s windows. Cleaning them until they sparkle and replacing any outdated or damaged frames should be your first step. If you haven’t done so already, it’s highly recommended to switch to double-glazed windows. These are what will retain heat and boost your home’s aesthetic appeal.

There’s the option to go one step further and add window boxes with blooming flowers. These are sure to inject character and charm into your property’s exterior. Just make sure you set aside cash to foot the bill for a window replacement.

Refresh Exterior Paint

Over the years, your property’s exterior paint may begin looking a little worn or faded. If this is the case, you can’t go wrong with giving it a fresh coat. We don’t expect you to pull out a ladder and do the job yourself either! You can hire a painter and decorator to perform this job. They can use their years of expertise to brighten your walls and ultimately, boost your property’s kerb appeal.

Whatever you do, just stick with colours that harmonise with your surroundings and make sure the paintwork is well-executed for a cohesive and polished appearance. To make your home stand out on the street, you don’t want to opt for colours that are too bold and striking. This could have the opposite effect and make your property stand out like a sore thumb! Stick with neutral tones that blend well with neighbouring properties.

Add Lighting

Illuminating the front of your property is not only good for safety, but for elevating your home’s kerb appeal too. When the sun goes down, a glittering entranceway can make all the difference and get you excited to walk through the front door. You need to be careful when picking outdoor lighting. Don’t just opt for any pair of fairy lights. Instead, it’s wise to do your research and look for something a little more elegant.

Regarding outdoor lighting, elegant fixtures can accentuate the architectural features of your abode. Consider adding pathway lighting too. This will guide visitors to your front door safely and reduce the risk of any slips and falls.

Upgrade Your Driveway

A well-maintained and visually appealing driveway can significantly boost your property’s kerb appeal.  Now is the time to take a look at yours. If there are any potholes or cracks, they need to be repaired immediately. This isn’t a DIY job. Instead, you’ll need to hire a professional to take over the reins.

Upgrading your driveway can also do wonders for boosting your property’s value. When you have viewers coming to check out your home, a well-maintained driveway will be on their checklist, we guarantee it! It’s best to stick with attractive materials like gravel and brick. Either can add visual interest and texture.

Spruce Up Your Front Door

Create Attractive Boundary Lines

Where your home begins and ends will be a key question in a homebuyer’s mind. With that said, you need to make the boundaries attractive and obvious. If you’ve got wooden fences, it’s time to give them a new coat of varnish. You should also consider re-painting metalwork to ensure all your gates function correctly. These jobs can be left to the professionals, rather than having to tackle it yourself.

If you have any hedges at the front of your home, make sure they’re neatly trimmed and prune any planting next to pathways and doors. Once you create clear boundary lines, homebuyers will have an easier time imagining themselves living in your property.

Sort Out Your Doorbell

When was the last time you checked your doorbell? If you can’t remember, it’s time to give it a press! You need to ensure your doorbell is in good working order and doesn’t emit the wrong note! There are an array of reasonably priced, wire-free doorbells to choose from. When you invest in a new one, a good doorbell can be a great addition to your front door.

For added security, some doorbells come equipped with an intercom or video camera. A good doorbell adds to the impression that your property is loved and the area is sociable. These are major plus points for homebuyers.

Hide the Bins

One way to elevate your home’s kerb appeal without putting your hand in your back pocket is by hiding your bins. Unsightly wheelie bins and recycling cartons don’t give off the best impression. You need to tidy them up and house them in a sensible, tidy location where no attention can be drawn to them.

If your wheelie bin is looking a little worse for wear, why not ask your council for a replacement? Those who can part with cash may benefit from installing a special shed where you can house them and remove them from public view.

Spending time enhancing your home’s kerb appeal will definitely pay off. Some projects can be done within a matter of minutes, whereas others will need the professionals to step in and work their magic. Whatever changes you make, we’re confident your property will stand out for all the right reasons.

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