Customising Alloy Wheels – Giving Your Car A Touch of Cool

What are Alloy Wheels

If you are a motoring enthusiast, it is probable that you don’t just want a standard car that comes off the showroom – you might want something a little bit unique and special. There are a number of ways to achieve a cool and unique look for your vehicle: from custom paint jobs (complete with flame stickers and racing stripes, of course), to modifications to the tank, customised numberplates and more – do make sure that any changes you make to your car are legally compliant.

For example, ‘vanity’ plates must still be readable by ANPR technology – if they are not, you will almost certainly be pulled over by the police on a regular basis! But a fast, effortless and relatively easy way to make your car look super cool is by adding custom alloy wheels.

What are Alloy Wheels?

Alloy wheels are wheels made from an alloy (hence the name) of aluminium and nickel or – more rarely – magnesium and a range of other metals. Originally magnesium wheels were called ‘mag wheels’ and were made from pure magnesium, but there were durability issues with pure magnesium, so various alloys were tried and tested, with a number of them going on to make a sturdy alloy wheel. ‘Mag wheel’ in the meantime, began to refer to any die-cast wheel, such as those used on skateboards, wheelchairs and bikes.

How Can Alloy Wheels be Customised for Aesthetics

How Can Alloy Wheels be Colour Customised?

Alloys readily accept a coat of paint, easily fusing the colour into the metal, so it lasts well without chipping or peeling. This means that if a colour is available in an automotive paint, you can have your alloys in that same colour. You can mix it up: team your sky blue car with navy alloys, or allow your black sedan to sport bright red alloys – or you can harmonise or match the colour of the body to the wheels for a sleek and stylish appearance.

How Can Alloy Wheels be Customised for Aesthetics?

But it is not only in colour that you have a choice with your alloys if you are looking but in the way the alloys look. Alloys are easy to work with, and alloy wheels are manufactured in a number of ways, some of which allow for highly intricate patterns and cut-outs to be used. This can give your wheels a delicate, lacy appearance or a sturdy futuristic look – or they can even appear to swirl and dance as your car moves along the road, as the pattern twists and turns, creating mesmerising optical illusions.

How Can Alloy Wheels be Colour Customised

Your alloy wheels can be your only touch of customisation, or they can be the last touch in the creation of a truly unique vehicle. The choice really is yours! If you are inclining towards this customization then we would recommend checking out Tyre Safety Centre. You can get your hands on MAK, Calibre,  Veemann alloys in Belfast or any that other that you would like. They offer an unparalleled choice of styles and brands and all at great prices. Check them out today!