How Do Businesses Benefit From Commercial Fit Out Services?

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Businesses Benefit From Commercial Fit Out Services?

An office fit out is where a specialist firm takes an empty space, or blank canvas if you prefer, and turns it into an environment suitable for commercial use. The landlord will be responsible for all the wiring and plumbing that makes the office inhabitable usually. But, very often when a company rents out an office building they will be the ones who fit out the space.

Clearly, offices need to have partitions put in place. And have kitchen areas and suitable spaces for meetings and teams to work in. Yet, there are numerous benefits to commercial fit out services that go beyond the basic office layout.

10 Benefits from utilising professional fit out services

There is over 280 million sq ft of office real estate in central London alone. Much of this office space will be ready for firms to move straight into. However, it is common to either refurbish or completely fit out office space to suit the needs of the new tenants.

APSS the commercial interior design and fit out specialists are regularly approached to design effective office layouts for clients. The benefits of interior design include aesthetic value, practicality, and some hidden gains also.

This brief article outlines 10 of the ways your business might gain from a commercial fit out service.

1. Refurbishment is budget friendly

Fitting out a large office space in a major UK city could be seen as expensive. But, commercial fit out services also manage refurbishments. It may be that your office design is already working effectively, but could do with some small improvements.

budget friendlyRefurbishment can be a cost-effective way to improve office facilities such as a kitchen area. Fit out services begin with a consultation. The design firm will spend time talking to you about your needs, and how improvements could be introduced. Then, a refurbishment plan will be drawn up that works for your budget.

2. Employee satisfaction

A newly refurbished kitchen might improve the mood in your office. And a newly fitted-out office space increases employee satisfaction and well-being.

Studies have shown that the physical characteristics of an office affect productivity. All working environments impact performance. Therefore, investing in professional interior design will lift the mood of employees, and drive productivity up.

Several aspects of office life affect employee behaviours. These include the following.

  • Noise pollution
  • Lighting
  • Temperature
  • Distractions
  • Physical working space

Commercial fit out services take into account how office layouts work effectively. Natural lighting and noise reduction are vital for a healthy working environment.

3. Utilise space more effectively

Good office design will utilise the space available effectively. Open-plan offices increase feelings of teamwork and belonging. And good design helps traffic flow through the office without causing distraction or impacting productivity.

Office interior designers look at the space you have and draw up the best way to utilise this. Areas such as hot-desking for remote workers are important now. One of the challenges of remote working is providing a workspace for them without wasting space that could be better used for other functions. As new working trends emerge, fit out specialists adapt to provide effective office layouts.

4. Benefit from specialists

Instead of hiring a number of sub-contractors with no overall supervisor, a good fit out firm will bring its own team. From dedicated project managers to bespoke joiners for quality, custom work.

Benefit from specialistsHaving access to craftsmen who can create bespoke joinery means your office will benefit from a unique look. Offices don’t need to look identical to each other. Bespoke work and interior designers will work within your budget to create a fresh and unique look that fits your brand.

5. Improved health and safety

Health and safety in the workplace have become even more of an issue in recent times. As the pandemic hit, UK office employees started working from home. Now, many workers have returned to the office, and health and safety compliance is vital.

A fit out will give you a chance to improve the office’s health and safety. Undertaking a risk assessment in the workplace will ensure your firm remains compliant. And it is a chance to create a healthier work environment. Areas such as flooring can be replaced, and better ventilation installed.

6. Clear and visible company branding

Go back a few decades and many office spaces were drab, dull, and miserable affairs. Now, offices are bright and modern and far more comfortable to work in.

It is very common to see clear and highly visible branding in a modern office. A fit out allows the client to install branding and display mission statements and corporate identity across the floor.

Imagery that reflects your company values can be displayed throughout the offices. And by enforcing the brand’s values, your fit out will help to create a sense of belonging and identity.Professional working environments that push a brand’s values help to encourage productivity. Branding in an office environment also helps to create a wholly professional look, especially for visitors.

7. Stand out from rivals

If yours is a customer-facing business, then you may have regular visits from clients. Partners and suppliers may also visit your offices from time to time. A professional office fit out will give the right first impression.Working with the right fit out specialists will result in your office having a one-off design that wows your visitors.

8. Tap into years of experience

Understanding how to plan an effective office fit out takes experience. Office interior designers will consider how your employees work together, and how to efficiently use the space available.

Movement, lighting, different working environments, collaboration, and storage, are just a few considerations for office designers. Commercial fit out firms such as APSS have 25 years of experience to draw on when designing offices.

Tap into years of experience9. Fit out services understand different working environments

Open-plan offices are hugely popular, but what happens when brainstorming is required? Or when a team leader wishes to have a meeting? Open-plan offices help with communication and create a sense of belonging. These offices effectively remove physical barriers and allow workers to move and communicate freely.But, open-plan offices are also great for breeding distractions. Consulting with a fit out service will see your needs being implemented in the new office layout. Quiet rooms will be needed for meeting clients and for training. Some teams need a creative environment to help them perform, while others need solitude.

Commercial fit out services understand the need for different types of working environments. And you will benefit from the consultation process.

10. Restructure team layout

A new office plan can be designed accordingly to ensure workers and teams who liaise often are positioned in the best way. Encouraging movement around the office is good for mood and physical health.However, placing the advertising team at one end of the office and the marketing team at the other, might not be the best choice. Revamping the office space is one of the best ways to increase productivity and communication.

An office refurbishment or fit out is the best time to consider how to effectively position different teams and workers. Goof office planning will encourage more one-to-one communication and collaboration.


From a simple refurbishment to a completely new fit out, offices and employees benefit in many ways. A fresh new fit out will encourage productivity, and boost employee satisfaction. Visitors will have the right first impression, and your brand’s values will be clear to all.

A good interior designer will consider everything from movement, to what working environments are needed. Space will be efficiently used, and the design will be aesthetically pleasing, and practical.

Sarah Cantley

Editorial Head at UK Blog for Business & Startup.

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