Are Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Easy to Install?

Are Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Easy to Install

The most cost-effective way to add a glass splashback to your kitchen is to order it online and install it yourself. All well and good, but what exactly is involved in the splashback installation process?

Is it something most people can handle themselves, or does it make better sense to hire a contractor to get the job done for you?

The answer depends entirely on your DIY capabilities and your access to the appropriate equipment; installing a splashback calls for little to no specialist tools or supplies – just a few of the basics found in most toolboxes.

There is also little to no skill involved, just a small amount of patience and precision.

Screw Fixings Or Adhesives?

Screw Fixings Or AdhesivesDetermining whether you can handle the installation of your splashback manually means first considering the installation method you intend to go with.

There are two ways a glass splashback can be fitted to a wall – with standard screw fixings, or with adhesives.

For example, if you are installing a clear or transparent glass splashback, you may choose to go with screw fixings. A glass splashback attached to a wall will not obscure the view of the surface beneath, which is often the goal with a clear splashback.

Elsewhere, coloured and patterned splashbacks that completely hide the surface beneath can be applied with adhesives. As it will not be possible to see the adhesive from the surface once the splashback has been installed, it can be applied liberally to the back of the panel for a secure fit.

Technically speaking, neither installation method is particularly difficult. With screw fixings, you simply have to ensure that you do not tighten the screws with excessive force, which could result in the panel cracking or shattering.

With adhesives, all you have to do is apply the required amount to the rear of the panel, press it into place (using a spirit level for accuracy) and hold it firmly until the initial bond is created, after which 24 hours or so is usually enough for the adhesive to fully cure in place.

When to Hire a Professional Fitter?

Of course, if you do decide to go the professional installation route, it is not going to cost you a great deal. Made-to-measure splashbacks are designed to be installed in minutes, translating to a quick and easy job that won’t break the bank.

When to Hire a Professional Fitter

Professional splashback installation could be the way to go, if any of the following apply:

  • You do not have the required tools on hand, meaning you would have to purchase them to do the job yourself.
  • You’re planning to install a particularly large or unusually shaped splashback, which may be difficult to handle.
  • The surface you intend to fit the splashback to is damaged, uneven or needs to be repaired before the panel can be installed.
  • You would like to get the job done as quickly and precisely as possible, rather than getting your own hands dirty!

If in doubt, consult with your splashback supplier before ordering, for more information and advice on the installation process.