What You Need To Know About Your First Working From Home Job?

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There has been a lot of discussion about working from home over the last couple of years. Some people think that it’s a great way to offer flexibility to their employees, while others are determined that the only way to get any real work done is to have everyone under the same roof. The argument will probably keep raging on, but there’s a good chance that if you’re starting a new job in the next few months, then it will probably involve working from home at least some of the time.

It might all sound very easy if you’ve never done it before. After all, there’s no exhausting commuter, there are no irritating colleagues to deal with, and if you’ve got flexible working hours, then you can clock on and off whenever you want. However, it’s a little more complicated than that. It’s going to be very easy to fall into some bad habits. You’ll also need to remember that there’s not going to be anyone over your shoulder to make sure that you get all of your work done.

It’s Up To You To Fix Your IT Issues

It's Up To You To Fix Your IT Issues

Now, this heading is a little misleading because your company may have excellent IT support. They should also be there to help with any software that you specifically need for your job that they have either asked you to download or purchased for you. However, when it comes to things like not being able to connect to the Wi-Fi, that’s going to be on you. It can be incredibly frustrating to be sitting with your Mac open and ready to start work but unable to connect to your home Wi-Fi. There are a lot of different reasons why this could be happening (and it could be as simple as an issue that your broadband provider is having). But you need to be able to find solutions quickly if you’re going to avoid missing deadlines and upsetting your boss. Wi-Fi troubleshooting apps are available to help you get back online.

Don’t Work On The Sofa

The first rule of getting any good work done at home is to make sure that you’re sitting at a desk. You need to start shopping for some proper home office furniture if your current plan is to work at the dining room table. It can be very tempting to just plop down with your laptop somewhere comfy at the start of the day, but you are going to find that you are not going to be getting the best out of yourself. You’ll also find that the aches and back pains will start very quickly. It is well worth shelling out for a desk, an office chair, and a good office light. Your spine, neck and various other muscles and joints will thank you later.

Don’t Neglect Your Morning Routine

It’s always going to be tough to get out of bed earlier when you know that you don’t have to travel to work. But having a good morning routine before you clock into work can help you feel focused and fresh, and it helps to separate your personal and professional time. It sounds very simple but make sure that you have a shower and brush your teeth before you start work. Try to get outside into the fresh air for a jog or even just a brisk walk (doctors recommend that you should be getting about 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week). Don’t forget to eat breakfast before work instead of having a bowl of cereal while you’re reading your emails.

Don't Neglect Your Morning Routine

Light Is Important

This is a quick but important thing to remember. You’ll probably try and set up your workstation somewhere near a source of natural light, and that’s a good idea. For one thing, you don’t want to be straining your eyes if you can help it. Light also has a big impact on your mood. It’s harder during winter to make sure that you’re getting enough of it (and if you live in the United Kingdom, there’s a good chance that you’re not getting enough vitamin D). You should think about investing in a SAD lamp (Seasonal Affective Disorder) if you find that you’re struggling in the winter. It can help you to feel like things are a little more manageable.

Watch Your Snacking

Finally, a note on diet. The kitchen is never far away when you work at home. That means it’s all too easy to keep popping in for a quick snack. But sugary treats and caffeine-rich drinks will make you crash quickly, and you don’t want to end up feeling sluggish and lethargic. Fruit and nuts are a great option if you’re feeling snacky through the day.


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